Brothers, PS3 or Xbox 360 for the next generation of fighting games?

Hello my brothers and sister of fighting games! I am a long time reader of these forums, and now I have joined to ask a burning question to all of you.

I have been pondering of buying a Playstation 3, but it has come to my attetnion that the Xbox 360 is no push over for fighting games, with such great games as DOA 4 and Virtua Fighter 5 WITH online compatability. The Xbox 360 is also getting Soul Caliber 4, which leads to my pressing question. I am the leader of Soul Caliber 3 at my college, and am a serious player of Tekken 5, and when I used to have a Dreamcast, I was quite known for my skills at DOA 2, so I must ask of you all…
Which next generation console did you buy for your needs of next generation fighting games ?

Jesus christ didn’t we have one of these threads not twenty four hours ago? Do a search for that one man and save yourself some flame.

jesus christ do ppl know how to search

PS3 controller > 360 controller

PS3 = DR
360 = DoA snick

Pretty clear choice I think.

The only burning question is why a console war thread lasted so long.