Brownsville Street Fighter 2ndImpact Tournament!

Blast From The Past!

All interested in having a good time playin some old skool gamez come and attend this tournament and show us what you got.

There will be a Street Fighter 2nd Impact tournament at the Tilt in Brownsville at the Sunrise Mall.
Date: 10/20/07

Entry Fee: $10.00
(Sign up today with Tilt to avoid any problems)
It will be arcade version only, so this case no controllers or home joysticks can be brought.

Random Brackets
Gaming will hopefully begin by 3:00, may be postponed til 4:00 (likewise)

1st: $100.00
2nd: $50.00
3rd: $20.00
Prizes will go up if we have enough players, and the pot will be split evenly to 70, 20, and 10% '
Also, all winnes names will go up on “THE WALL” of gaming champs

2370 N. Expressway
Brownsville, Tx
Sunrise Mall, Tilt.

I might play, although I don’t like second impact, it’s all they have so whatever, just depends on the situation that day, but i’ll shoot for it.

Second Impact is awesome and broken. Classic.

In the RGV?

oh!!! this is KOH, i have heard bout u, my friend Luiz said u might be in the brownsville 4 a while, if im not mistaken, u play tekken right? im rlly fairly well at tekken. there will be a tournament at tilt for that on 10/13, hopefully u can make it, im have been lookin for more competition. did u play at the gamers den in corpus? i traveled up there for the tekken tournament they were supposed to have, but they canceled. i entered the 3rd strike, but man did i do bad, rlly bad that was the 1st time a played 3rd strike, i only play 2nd impact.

I guess I can make it, I did hear of the tourney happening at the same time as uploaded, couldnt make it.

I think I can go to this one

They must, and I mean MUST, change the system settings on 2I if they want more entrants/a better tourney overall. I don’t think anybody want to see 15/20-minute matches because of 3/5 rounds (not matches, ROUNDS) and too much life (nothing does the damage it should). Also, Akuma really shouldn’t be readily available, but that’s their call on the matter.