Bruce lee av request

No real specifications other than bruce lee, and i’d like it if it had my srk name on it. If you want pics, just ask, i’ll find a few.

I’ll make it.:cool:
please send me pictures.

umm buddy if you want me to make you the avatar then I’m going to need some pics. what’s up?

sorry, i didnt really have time to come on srk the last few days. thanks for takin up my request.

Dragon Punch. do you have any other pics? or is that the one you wanted me to use?

danm your fast, i have a few more, use the 1s you want.

Pic 1 pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4

Dragon Punch. ok. are there anymore pics?

Dragon Punch. it’s done. hope you like it.:cool:

the font is unreadable…

might want to change the color…

CHAM CHAM. If he wants it changed I’ll change it. thanks for the tip btw:cool:

danm thats tight, change the font if you could, if its to much trouble dont worry about it.

got it. be right back.:cool:

Dragon Punch. ok. how does this look?

Perfect, thanks again