Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris (SF Comparison)


After seeing that other thread about Bruce Lee playing ping pong, I randomly found this clip of Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris battling it out in Way of the Dragon and I wanted to share it with you guys.


Now I’ve never seen this movie before but for some reason I’m seeing Fei Long and Ken fighting as if it were an old Street Fighter movie. Bruce Lee looks exactly identical to Fei Long in this scene. Chuck Norris’ short blonde hair reminds me of Ken but without a shirt. It’s really interesting. Maybe I’ve been playing way too much Street Fighter IV lately but basically these are some of the things I was thinking in my head during these designated time frames…

0:26 - Bruce tries to get in on his opponent but Chuck parries and goes for an incredible link that looks like a Standing LP, Standing LP, Standing MP, Standing MP, Standing HP, into a Tick Throw. Actually this looks more like a Target Combo but I love the way this particular combo looks while Chuck is performing it. It looks so fake and it reminds me of a Critical Counter Combo in the King of Fighters XII or something. It’s like Bruce was in hit stun, lol.

0:40 - Bruce goes for a Standing MK poke which gets blocked by Chuck. Bruce gets negative frame advantage on the blocked poke so Chuck punishes with a bread and butter which ends in a knockdown. Chuck performs a Personal Action right after.

2:24 - Bruce tries to go for that Flip Grab (Tenshin) but Chuck somehow blocks it, which should be impossible. Hacks.

2:32 - Bruce connects the Forward + HK.

3:06 - Chuck tries to go for a Standing MK poke but Bruce stuffs it with a Standing LK because it has a faster frame startup.

4:02 - Chuck whiffs a Standing MK. Bruce sees it coming and counters with a psychic sweep.

4:19 - Bruce keeps Chuck in the corner and puts the offensive pressure on him.

It’s pretty cheesy how it zooms into their faces after a knockdown (like the way the camera zooms into the character’s faces in Street Fighter IV during an Ultra Combo) but it’s funny. Anyway, they should’ve made a Street Fighter movie with great fights like this one. All Bruce Lee needed was the Flame Kick (Shien Kyaku) and he would’ve been all set to play as Fei Long.


Wow. Fucking speechless over here.