Brush stroke tut

Ok this is a tutorial on following form. When you lay down a brush troke it should follow the form and structure. You don’t always have to follow the form at all times, but if you put a couple of brush hits in the right places it’s totally readable and your pictures will look better.

This isn’t a painting tutorial by the way because I already did one. Hope this helps. Red arrows indicate the angles I put the strokes in.

nice. thanks for the tip. you’re always a help.

not sure if you covered this before…sorry to ask if you did, but what does your brush look like. you obviously don’t use the standard round. i’ve been trying to make my own, but i don’t seem to get the desired effect.

The brush I use is a number 14 on natural brushes. If it is not there go to the arrow right next to brush and append it. After that I go to texture and use the charcoal looking texture, which is the second picture.

The reason I add texture on my brush is that it will give a better stroke. In my opinion the pressure sensitivity kicks in better with texture added on brush. Thick to thins are a lot nicer.

Hmmmm… Damn handy. Especially knowing what brush you use, I’ll have to give that a crack. The pic in this tut reminds me of Alex Grey art, I have no idea why? Maybe becasue I’m thrashing the latest Tool album. :rock:

Alright so i tried a pretty basic head with this and i have to say it looks pretty cool, being an amteur with photoshop, these tuts are highly appreciative SFMC, peace…Don’t worry i’ll stop ripping off ur brush lol

looks cool man. don’t worry about “ripping” off of his brush lol. Spend a lot of time ont he drawing and the shapes part man. that’s the most important parts.