Brushing up

Starting 3rd strike again. I got most of it down again but just a few timing questions.

back to a super arts: I cant get it down. I know its for crouching characters but usually when they just recover from a fall down I get it… Bit when their crouching my timing is off, the super wont even come out.

Wifing: I was always crappy at this. I would always execute the super even when I saw he was blocking. Any hand techniques or game techniques to look at would be much appreciated. ( hope this is called wifing cuz i forgot that to…)

Besides that all the combos are cake. Thanx in advanced.

Whiffing is when you just do a move and it hits nothing or missing. Like saying “My Shoryuken missed him” but instead you say “My Shoryuken whiffed”.

Try drumming your kicks on the it helps. Don’t got many tips there, cause that’s pretty much strictly on timing and your execution. Same goes with you hitting the super even on block. Just takes practice and a keen eye I guess. I don’t see any easy way to get that better other than keep playing and build up the eye to hit confirm those supers.

For b + mk, the link window isn’t too far after the second hit so I guess try to drum around there. I only mention that because the window for f + hk is a little later than the hit.

hm. iight ill work on it. I guess i’ll just put the practice on random block and keep trying to get it down. thx guys.