Brushstr0kes 101: The Amaterasu Thread Mach II



Due to the demand of updates the people have decided to create a new thread for everyone?s favorite goddess. So let?s give this another shot!

Amaterasu is a Capcom character hailing from the cult classic hit, Okami. The MvC3 team seems to have stayed true to her techniques in Okami. Implementing many of her weapons, and tools seems to have created an extremely interesting character. Please feel free to enjoy the previews before we reach the main attraction.

Official Intro Video[media=youtube]tx2lEGYQbbw&feature=related[/media]
:l: = Light attack
:m: = Medium attack
:h: = Heavy attack
:s:= Exchange/Special
:atk:= any attack button
:atk::atk:= any two attack buttons (for Hypers)
:a1:=Assist 1
:a2:=Assist 2
DHC= Delayed Hyper Combo
KFC= X-Factor Cancel
AD= Airdash
u= up
d= down
f= forward
b= back
cr= crouching
s.= standing
j.= jumping
sj.= superjump
xx= cancel
tk= tigerknee motion
[]= repeat whatever is between the brackets

?: Solar Flare= Amaterasu?s counter/dash which ends in a SPD
?: Cold Star= Revision of the infamous Ice Shots of the SDCC Build. Was changed to being shot down-forward in the TGS Bild because ground shots were OP
?: Bloom= Builds meter

4 =Jin
(Thx to gdlk Kanta-Kun)


Reflector Normals

Reflector Normals

[details=Spoiler]Standing :l:: Basically her jab. Quick scratch to her opponent.
Crouching :l::Similar to Standing :l:, but hits low
Jumping :l::
Standing :m:: This is a dash attack very similar to her command dash attack (:qcf: + :l:). This is good for getting in, but is punishable on whiff.
Crouching :m:
Jumping :m::
Standing :h::
Crouching :h::
Jumping :h::

Glaive Normals

Glaive Normals


Standing :l:: Basically her jab. Quick scratch to her opponent.
Crouching :l:: Similar to Standing :l:, but hits low
Jumping :l::
Standing :m:: This is a dash attack very similar to her command dash attack (:qcf: + :l:). This is good for getting in, but is punishable on whiff.
Crouching :m::
Jumping :m::
Standing :h:: This is a vertical slash that swipes from close to, if not, 90 degrees.
Crouching :h:: Low horizontal slash that knocks down. Good range.
Jumping :h:: Ammy swipes her glaive. This attack is chargeable and hits OTG for a bounce back into element hyper. Shown in the intro video.

Rosary Normals

Rosary Normals

[details=Spoiler]Standing :snka:: Basically her jab. Quick scratch to her opponent.
Crouching :l:: Similar to Standing :snka:, but hits low
Jumping :l::
Standing :m:: This is a dash attack very similar to her command dash attack :qcf: + :l:). This is good for getting in, but is punishable on whiff.
Crouching :m::
Jumping :m::
Standing :h:: Similar to Glaive Standing :h:, it hits throughout a 90º angle almost full screen. Good lock-down move and probably anti-air, but because of it’s slow startup, it isn’t very consistent.
Crouching :h::
Jumping :h:: She swipes the rosary 360 degrees pretty much hitting everything around her making it good for crossups. Perfect for crossups or keeping peeps away. Whatever you choose.

**As you might’ve noticed, her :l: and :m: normals are the same no matter the weapon switch.
Airdash: Ammy has an 8-Way AD that can reach full screen. Actually works pretty well for baits. At the sacrifice of speed it is cancelable at any point.

Power Slash: :qcb::atk:The Power Slash brush technique has found its way to MvC3. As of now it is a suspected overhead. Depending on the strength it can reach different heights.
:l:: Low/Far
:m:: Mid/Mid
:h:: High/Close
As you can see there are both vertical and horizontal differences in the different strengths of the stroke. To get a better understanding of the strengths, it works like a descending slope with :h: being at the top, :l: at the bottom, and :m: in between the two. The :h: stroke not only works as a good anti-air, but it helps keep your opponent grounded since the strokes spends a bit of time floating in the air while Ammy is free to do whatever. It can provide crossups upon wakeup, due to being an overhead, and aid her overall mixup game. (Thx to Jnana for info and clarification)
Dash: :qcf::atk: Not much is known yet. However we do know that it is a dash attack, Also air enabled and directional (in the air at least) depending on the button pushed. In the air, it’s
:m:=Diagonal Down
:h:=Straight Down
Only available in Reflector, and Glaive stance. Needs more testing though
Solar Flare (Counter): :dp::atk: If one was to attack during the reflector’s animation it will result in an unblockable SPD (spinning pile driver) As shown in her intro vid. Only available in Reflector stance. Depending on the strength the reflector changes colors.
:m:=Purple? (not sure on this one)
Cold Star: :qcf::atk:
:l:= for ground shots
:m:= for AA version
:h:= for the Assist jumping version
Mash for multiple hits. Only available in Rosary stance. Ammy shoots Ice Shots at opponent. Great for locking down others. Apparently beats other projectiles, so it is ideal for giving yourself some breathing space.
Weapon Switches: As stated before, Amaterasu has retained many of her weapons from Okami in the realm of MvC3. Many who have played Okami can instantly recognize the Reflector, Glaive, and Rosary weapons. The reflector (in this case Solar Flare) seems to be at the start of all matches
Weapons can be changed with :d::d: :l:, :m:, or :h: (for desired item) and upon switching it is speculated that normals and special moves are changed. (props to yah yaahh b*tch for info)
Rosary Beads=:d::d::h:
Hyper Combos
Okami Shuffle= :qcf::atk::atk: Elements for shorthand. Hits fullscreen and deals pretty good chip. Instant in air, and may possibly be the new Hailstorm. Prime for DHC/KFC.
Mist=:qcb::atk::atk: Approx time unknown
Lvl 3= :dp::atk::atk: Ammy takes all of her Lvl 5 Celestial Weapons and bitch slaps the opponent (simply put) Shown in the Gamescom video

The Loop
We don’t know much about this as of yet. First displayed by Seth Killian on the Jump Festa stream.


If anyone would like to add info (motions, strategy, combos, e.t.c.) then please post. You will be thanked and recognized as I am not omnipresent and have surely missed something . We?ll make it work this time.

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I think the dash and the counter are different moves, aren’t they? The counter does the ‘mirror goes in front of her and flares up’, and the dash looks like, well, a dash with a bit of a glow around her.

Also the main Glaive move we’ve seen is the jumping C, which is chargable, otg’s and causes a nasty bounce on hit.

Also also, yours looks way nicer than mine, you bastard.


Looks like they are the same to me. But if we get more evidence I’m happy to change it. And props on the jC

And thanx, you asshole (you know I dont mean it)


I’m taking that legend for the MODOK thread. Also I agree that the dash and counter are totally different moves. The counter is where the reflector hits the ground in front of her.


go ahead. just shout me out when you do


hah! just to mess up his thread more, :snka: beats all other keys!


Wait new thread?? Shit I wanted her thread…I gave the old thread life back again after like 344 days with no love…lame =) lol…Ok but serious she has so many options it’s crazy…like cold star which can completely eat other projectiles…if this is true watch out…you got a full screen super which is quick as fuck…I mean you got the paper slash, her gaive, beads with full screen range, and not to mention her slow mist super…which by the way people think it might not be as good as it seemed when it was first seen, but not to me…I mean it look like its forces your opponent into a defensive position which is MAJOR !!!

“Now what kinda player am I? Am I an offensive man or a defensive man?
That’s right, I’m neither. I play my opponent
If he likes to attack, I force him to defend himself
If he’s a cautious man, I draw him into dangerous waters
See, you get so frustrated playing defensive positions
you make stupid moves you would never make if you were thinking
When you come here boy, check that shit at the door”

J.E.T.S over everything !!!


Did this guy just throw up Curren$y?.. That gets props. JETS Foo!!! I’m listening to Pilot Talk and Smokee Robinson right now.

But I’ve been trying to pump life in the old Ammy thread since her reveal. I was lucky enough to get the cosign from Preppy and I wanna make it work this time

“Peel off like a New Era sticka/
And I’m out dat bitch like a newborn my nigga!/”


just saw some vids. Yeah the counter is different.


AAAAAAYOOO !!! lolz I’m too dead !!! Strong it is Curren$y !!! Damn bro you catch on fast…Now we really gotta mash with ammy…so have you found any videos with her using like all her tools? are any new info ?

J.E.T.S over everything !!!


Ok. So I will be attending NorCal Regionals for the sole purpose of playing MvC3. The team I will trying first is Amaterasu/Dormammu/xxx. I would like to be as prepared as possible to play on that day so I don’t have to waste a few matches figuring stuff out.

I want to try and dissect some of the combos seen in the videos released so far and also speculate on some combos that end in Amaterasu’s Element super that can be DHCed into Dorm’s Inferno super (similiar to MvC2’s Storm air combo into Lightning super DHC into Sentinel’s super) for good damage and a safe tag out for 2 bars.

I also would like to hear people’s ideas about a good 3rd team member. I would like a 3rd character with an assist that complements Ammy’s and Dorm’s. I will be using Ammy’s Ice Shot assist. For Dormammu, I will be trying both his Black Hole Assist (to provide ground roadblocks/pressure) and his AA Tower Assist. So a 3rd character would ideally have an AA assist to go with Dorm’s Black Hole Assist so that when Ammy is on point she can have both ground and AA assists available to her, and when Dorm is on point, he will have Ammy’s Ice Shot assist for ground, and the 3rd character’s AA assist for defense. Thoughts?

I will start to post combo notation from Ammy videos I watch and hopefully people can pitch in and correct mistakes or make suggestions…less that 3 weeks to NCR. Can’t come any more quickly.


I played a bit of Ammy. Skrull’s Tenderizer works well as an AA assist with Ammy, as well as Dante’s Jam Session and Morrigan’s Shadow Blade(It has some invincibility). One of those three mesh really well with Ammy and Dorm.


I gotta say Syke, I’m happy you got one of the character threads. Natural selection leaves those who survive stronger and better, and the old threads have been escaping this winnowing for far too long. A new genesis of character topics is at hand, and you are the creator…


im totally stealing that first post for when i make magneto/doom/iron man’s thread…with nexessary changes, ofc


When are you getting their threads? Lol.

Updated with a little more detail. If you guys can at SCR/NCR try to get a station by yourself, or just try to record video of her normal with each of her weapons. Also check if she has any command normals.


I need you to elaborate on that. Skrulls tenderizer would only be for keepout at close range something Ammy doesn’t need.

Trish peekaboo assist with Ammy is godlike. So is morrigan aa assist.


Well, yeah tenderizer doesn’t have that much range for zoning, I meant during close range combat as an anti-air if you are getting rushed down( by like say, Iron Man) since it puts opponents in block stun and hit stun for awhile. I forgot Ammy had that Rosary whip and other zoning tools though.


I cosign this. Peeps were falling for the baited canceled AD all the time at NYCC


im gathering info on theme and seeing who made the first threads


IM and doom threads are wide open, but you ain’t getting Mags without a fight :stuck_out_tongue: