Brutality - July 25th, 2015 - Monthly - Cincinnati, OH


We have a special opportunity at this month’s Brutality to earn a $50 bonus for 1st Place in our Killer Instinct bracket. FightFest, the FGC component to FandomFest of Louisville, KY, has agreed to sponsor our KI bracket with the $50 bonus if we reach at least 13 players in our bracket. So all you sleepers in the Dayton, Cincinnati, Eastern Indiana and Northern Kentucky area, come on out and show us what you’ve got!

This is all part of our mission to grow Killer Instinct at the Brutality series. Come be a part of the hype!

The Spring Season 2015 Championships for MKX are here! Eight players have qualified by having power rankings in the top five amounts. We are also resetting the power rankings and beginning the first tournament of Summer Season 2015! Lastly, we will be giving a special thanks to this season’s outstanding community member with the FGCitizen award.

Congratulations to this season’s invitees:

Action Jackson
Bad News Brendon
Red Cyclone
Unlucky Charmz

Your invitations have been sent, or are coming soon. Please RSVP by July 23rd. In addition to the normal MKX bracket at Brutality - July, these eight players will be allowed to enter a special round robin event to determine the Spring Season 2015 Champion! They will be putting themselves to the test in a gauntlet of matches; who has the stamina and the skill to make it out on top?

$5 - All Night Entry to Arcade Legacy

Arcade Legacy
662 Cincinnati Mills Dr, Cincinnati, Ohio 45240

MKX - PS4 - $5 Entry
KI - XBONE - $5 Entry

This is a BYOC event (Bring Your Own Controller). There are no guarantees that Arcade Legacy, PowerUp, or other players will provide you with controllers.

All players will be responsible for deleting Bluetooth devices from the PS4 that they are to play a tournament match on.


The stream will show exclusively MKX, unless we reach our KI entrant goal of 13. If we do, then we will also stream KI matches!

1st Place - $15
2nd Place - $10
3rd Place - $5
4th Place - $5

Spring Season 2015 Championship for MKX
1st Place - $40 + Trophy
2nd Place - $20 + Trophy
FGCitizen Award - Trophy

One random player who enters MKX and places 7th or below will receive free entry to the next Brutality event (a $5 value, cannot be turned into cash or credit). The same person may not win consecutively.

Players who enter MKX will earn ranking points based on their performance. The top 5 ranked players will be invited to compete in a Championship Round Robin during Brutality - October 2015. There will be prizes, and details are TBA.

There will be a normal MKX bracket during Brutality - October, and the power rankings will be reset.

Players will be seeded in all Brutality MKX brackets according to their power ranking. The first tournament of each season will always be randomly seeded. Players without a power ranking will be seeded as having zero ranking points.

Everyone starts with zero points for the new season! The bracket will be seeded randomly. You have to prove yourself all over again.

Winner is character and variation locked.

Blind picks are allowed upon player request of the TO.

You may request a coach, who must follow the PowerUp private coaching rules. Follow the link below to the PowerUp Rules Document for more information.

Stage will always be randomly selected. Either single random or double random.

No fatalities on the big screen. The tournament will be up on a giant projector screen, in full view of children. We do not want any parents bringing complaints to our generous venue, Arcade Legacy.

For the complete PowerUp Rules Document, please go to:


Another teaser image of the Brutality Spring Championship trophy for 1st Place. A trophy will also be going to the 2nd Place finisher!

Gather your MKX and KI crew and join us for a great night of fighting game action. See how you stack up as we start off the new Summer Season!


One more bump in the lead up to the Spring Championships this Saturday!

Enjoy the final teaser image of our 1st and 2nd Place trophies:


Results thread: Brutality - July 2015 - Results