Brydo sanwa box

i want to make the box for the brydo small sanwa stick but i dont have the tools to cut the wood can i just go to like home depot or hardware store to cut.

I don’t believe Home Depot will cut it down to your measurements, but they will cut wood to fit in your car. You can try to ask anyway.

You’ve got two options:

  1. While they likely won’t cut it for you, Home Depot does have a tools rental service. You can just rent a saw from them for the weekend or something. Not sure how much it costs. Probably not much. My Home Depot doesn’t rent routers though. Yours may not either. Without a router or something similar, you can’t do anything too fancy.

  2. Or try going to a lumber yard instead and ask them. They will probably cut the wood for you as long as the cuts aren’t anything too fancy. For my first stick, I went to a lumber yard and asked if they had any scrap MDF lying around. They’ll give you scrap wood for free. They did have some! I asked them if they could make a few simple cuts for me and they said sure. So I got my wood for free, and the cuts for free. =)

i went to home depot last night, to get supplies for my stick i am making, and i was about to buy the big piece of MDF which was like 6’x8’ or something like that, and cost $25, but then i while going to the back to get the plexiglass i decided to go to the cutting area, and they had a piece of 3/4" MDF that was about 4x6 just laying back so i asked one of the guys, he said he’d give it to me, but because that was against the law he had to sell so i bought it for $2

you’ll want to learn to cut wood yourself. Just spend about 20 bucks on a miter box + saw…

yeah i need to learn how to do it myself, so it would be eaiser but i want to to build my stick but i get to damn lazy. thanks all.

Aren’t Miter Boxes used for cutting crown molding and baseboards? How does it help with stick construction, especially seeing that there are large piece of lumber that won’t fit inside the miter box? I ask because I purchased an 8’x4’ piece of MDF, had it cut into pieces that would fit in my car (4 4’x20" pieces and one 4’x16" piece, dimensions I gathered from byrdo’s old Sanwa box blueprint) and I don’t have a way to cut them down any further. Would a miter box and backsaw help me in getting started, or do I need another cutting tool?

The cutting area used to always be able to make straight cuts for me. Just nothing at an angle and nothing too small. they give me like 4 cuts free and then 25 cents per cut. Not sure if it’s still this way or not.