Bshido's Crib Results!


Just to get some shit talking going… another tournament at my place!

Two tournaments, two different winners.

Tournament 1 - Round Robin

  1. Adam “Sugarmann”- Santhrax, Storm/Sent teams, MSP
  2. Robert - Storm/Cable/Cyc or CapCom
  3. Arnie - Scrub, Cable/Sent/BH
  4. Pete - Magneto teams, Storm/Sent
    Eder - Team Eder, MSP
  5. Ben “BshidoHEAT” - Team Demon
  6. John - Magneto teams.

Notes - Tonight was special, everyone wanted to try to beat Robert with MSP (except for Arnie), we all tried but failed :frowning:

Arnie from the PR came to Rocky’s and then came over my house and did really well in both tournaments. PR got represented well ;).

Tournament 2 - Double Elimination

  1. Pete - Scrubin’ it clean! (Also used Storm/Sent, and Santhrax)
  2. Adam “Sugarmann” - Scrubin it, (also used Santhrax)
  3. Ben “BshidoHEAT” - Doom/Storm/Sentinel
  4. Eder - Team Eder
  5. Arnie - Scrubbin it!
  6. Robert - Storm/Cable/Cyc or CapCom
  7. John - Magneto teams.

Notes - Pete beats Adam in the grand finals 3-2 scrub vs scrub.
Adam baits me into using MSP (again!:mad: ) when he played Mag/Storm/Sent. He beats me in losers finals 3-1. Pete comes through the winners bracket beating Adam there and in the grand finals. Pete defeats me in the winners finals, 3-2 games. I upset Eder in the 2nd round of winners, 2-1 with some gut wrenching games.

Shout out to PR players, especially Arnie if you see this :wink:

Now the questions remains, how will Justin take the hostile territory here in orlando? Can Erik break his curse? Who else from Gainesville is comming tommarow? All this will be answered tommarow night at Rocky’s.

Be there!


Ben get on AIM


Only if you make it funky.


i’m back in town…and for the four of you that owe me money…you know who you are…and i want it back…


Whoa…I hope that has nothing to do with me… :confused: