BTB SC3 Hori

Well if been looking for this around holland and ebay but no luck so i decided to try my luck here. Leave the price including the shipping cost to Europe and try not to overprice since i know its rare but im no millionaire. I will only be able to pay true paypal.

Edit: WTB*


I’ve seen one for the Gamecube, and maaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe PS2. I’ll double check on friday. I think it was around $50.

Are you looking to use just the shell for a mod or actually need it PS2 compatible right out of the box?

Ps2 right out of the box, and thanks for looking for me.

Thanks for the link, if Rock can’t find it at his spot il just order it from there.

Sorry… It was the Soul Calibur II joystick for sure. It wasn’t the SCIII Hori shown there.

Thanks anyway.

I have a question. What is the best ps2 joystick to buy of the ones shown on that website if I do not intend to mod it?

Perhaps you might reconsider ordering from Toys N Scams: