Bubble Tea House: 2010.03.20

Sorry, I promised to post the results last night but my Internet was not working for some odd reason but I’ve finally fixed it. I’m also sorry I wasn’t able to make it to Paul Wall’s last night because something came up and I had to go somewhere else, lol. Let me know who won that $2 tournament though.

I wasn’t sure how to post the results so I just went to “Entrants” on Tonamento and copied and pasted everything I saw there. So without further ado, here are the tournament results from the Bubble Tea House.

Street Fighter IV Singles Results:

  1. Rob “WeakSauc3” Stevens (Sagat)
  2. Chris “CP” Pereira (Ken)
  3. Lucky D (Dhalsim)
  4. Tom “asiantom” Hoang (Gen)
  5. Mike “seiya” (Ryu)
  6. Zorin (M. Bison)
  7. Mr. Dash (Balrog, Gouken)
  8. Monikae (Ryu)
  9. HBRD (Ryu)
  10. Brainyi (E. Honda)
  11. CMX (Ryu)
  12. Salaster
  13. Justo Cabrera (Rufus)
  14. Harrison (Sakura)
  15. X Stars
  16. CharlinBr (Zangief)

Congratulations to WeakSauc3 who took first place and won $304.00 with his God-like Sagat.

We ended up getting a total of 29 entrants for the tournament. I want to hold the next one for Super Street Fighter IV but since everyone is going to the tournament in Lowell on the weekend of the release, I’ll see if I can do it the following weekend if people don’t mind coming. Then again, why wouldn’t you want to come, it’s two Super Street Fighter IV tournaments in a row! Next time I’ll try to make it just $5 for venue and $5 for the pot.

I want to thank the Bubble Tea House for letting me hold the tournament at their venue. I had a lot of fun. I also want to thank Joe for taking care of the brackets, and damdai for fixing that little error I made on the tournament brackets. It wasn’t my fault…it was Mr. Dash’s fault, LOL. And lastly, thanks to everyone that came!

I’ll be working on a compilation video of the event to put up on YouTube just for memories and good times. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel if you care, at http://www.youtube.com/user/YamiBikutoru.

Also, feel free to comment on anything you liked about the tournament and / or what you didn’t like, as well as suggestions for the next tournament so I can try to make everyone happy (or as many people as I can). One thing I’ve noticed is that it seemed like most people were prepared to play on the PlayStation 3. So maybe next time I should make the tournament PS3-only?

Edit: Video compilation is finally done! Check it: [media=youtube]GJGmznKZlUU[/media]

Really well run tournament. Other than the one hiccup with Tonamento everything ran really smooth. I really liked the venue too, kumquat bubble tea was GODLIKE.

GGs to LuckyD, Kimcicle, Monikae x2, and anyone I played in casuals. Thanks Monikae for giving me some false confidence in our first match then raping me free later in losers :tup:

Also shoutout to Damdai for doing some emergency tech support on Tonamento for us over the phone when Victor fucked everything up :rofl:

go to entrants, click page size to 50. There’s your full results.

Yo, mang…it was Tonamento’s fault for not being able to fix such a simple mistake, LOL.

And also good games to Monikae for ultimately taking me out of the tournament with his second-best Ryu in the galaxy. I should have not switched to Ryu during the second match. I was clearly not the better Ryu. Him and Rich made a surprise appearance because I wasn’t expecting them to come. Haven’t played with them in forever.

And that was too bad for blueNINE who drove two hours to the tournament just to play against and lost to the people he came with. Once again, let’s blame Tonamento for the creating the match-ups, lol.

Yeah I know that, but I don’t think people care about or would want to see the full-full results. If so, I don’t mind putting them up.

cant really “blame tonamento” for creating matchups. it just seeds by skill. you know, how it should be.

that said ggs to everyone i played, fun tournament. well run and we were out of there in like 4 hours. it was nice. thanks to joe/victor/anyone else for helping with the brackets and thanks to the Bubble Tea House staff for putting up with us haha.

also victor, if you’re gonna change the venue/pot fee for the next one, in general, it should be 5$ venue, and nothing less than 10$ for the pot.

Yeah, good tourny man. Def gonna be there for the next ones.

Very well run tournament, I was surprised how quickly things rolled with the three setups.

GGs to everybody I played and everybody that was friendly and helpful! I hope to play more games and tournaments while I’m up here in the area.

Thanks Victor & Bubbletea and also everyone else for showing to a tourney close to my home :slight_smile: Alot of the matches were pretty damn dope to watch.

Special thanks to Kimcicle for taking me to Wall’s afterwards, I gotta repay you somehow…

Overclocked and Blackalpha arrived late but the balls make up for it, no?

I myself am surprised that the tournament went so quickly even for the technical difficulties at 1st and majority of people waiting to use the 1 ps3 station for most of the tourney. Tourney was nice and fast, crowded, but do-able. Free bubble tea was a “refreshing” bonus. And thanks to the hosts.

@Victor - i think having both was fine, it was just that the HDTV was too laggy to play on so we ended up losing a station for the tourney.

GGs to everyone I played, a lot of fun.

yeah I ended up showing up really late, was there to watch finals though… hah, good stuff to everyone :smiley:

this was a unique venue but it was a bit crowded. shoutouts to joe and victor for keeping things running smoothly and hosting this event

gs to seiya and dan our matches were damn stressful though very fun. ggs to everyone else i played, grats to rob on first

also slush bubble tea was good stuff

asiantom had his first bubble tea here. Not so Asian.

I’ll be there the next time, having it right after my tournament would be sick man. DO IT.

Hope to see everyone at the Souper Bowland at the next Bubble Tea House tournament.

GGS to everyone as well!

Also, I took some pictures. Didn’t upload them yet though!

Yeah I know, I was just kidding. And I will consider that for the next tournament. I wanna see your new Super / No Damage-Sagat. You must prove to everyone that Sagat will still be top tier! EX Scar that shit!

Also, I’ve finally finished the compilation video. I’ve posted up the link at the bottom of the initial post. Scroll up and check it out!

the picture came out better then i thought, not bad for a nano ipod.

Yeah, everybody always underestimates the camera quality of the new iPod Nano. I mean I did my research before I bought the thing and decided to use it to record stuff, lol. I thought it was the perfect quality for quick YouTube videos. Now if only it had a zoom feature…then again, that’d probably be asking for too much from a tiny iPod.

And believe it or not, the quality of the iPod was actually a lot better and smoother than the quality of the Kodak digital camera that I also brought along with me. How crazy is that?!

ROFL @ 3:30 in the video. Thanks for preserving the moment.

sure it does lmao!!