Bubble Tea House 3: SSFIV - Dec 11, 2010

Here are your top six winners of the Super Street Fighter IV tournament out of exactly 16 participants. I’m sure you all have already guessed the winner. I want to give props to Harrison for making it as far as he did today and coming from the Winners Bracket.

  1. Rob “Weaksauce” Stevens (Sagat / Fei Long): $112.00
  2. Harrison Yang (Fei Long): $32.00
  3. Soth (Ryu): $16.00
  4. Sittipong “Mr. Dash” Sayphrarath (Boxer / Cody)
  5. mingo (Ibuki)
  6. pj a.k.a. Essex (Boxer)


harrison’s legit
good job to weaksauc3

i got sent to loser’s first round by mingo. tried to stay loyal to sagat for a game, but didn’t know the ibuki matchup, so i asked for a money match post tourney. we ran a FT3 for 10$ and i took it 3-1 boxer vs ibuki.

gs to harrison who got a lot better (assuming it’s the same kid i remember who used to play sakura).

Really fun tourney! I lost to PJ and weak sauc3 (after some stick difficulties) but I’m happy I got the experience…and I might have been the second best rog there cuz I beat pj in a mirror match then he switched to Seth and beat me lol…I would have loved to face weak sauc3’s rog but I had to leave…overall i had an amazing time and would love to do this again

Good shit with the tourny again… Too bad not as many people showed up this time. My bad I couldn’t come through with another setup.

Pretty sure I won at least one set. Like that set where I tried to chip you out with super or something and then you reversal ultraed but I recovered in time.

But whatever, your Boxer assraped my Ibuki anyways. ggs

Seriously, Harrison leveled up like times fifty after the last Bubble Tea tournament when he used to play Sakura. That just goes to show that training pays off and anyone can get better as long as you keep at it. His Fei Long probably would’ve raped my ass too, lol.

i wasn’t sure if you got a set. we ended up playing so many games, i kinda forgot. my bad

Dang, this tournament was fun. Thanks for the props, next time I’ll win for sure. haha.


Good stuff to Weak Sauce. Keep going with the momentum!

Im going straight to heaven for contributing to the Feed-A-Stevens Foundation.