Bubble Tea House 3: Tekken 6 - Dec 10th, 2010

Tekken 6 tournament results at the Bubble Tea Shop. Total of 12 participants.16-man bracket. These are the full results. Congratulations to Lae and his sick-ass Asuka.

  1. Lae (Asuka / Jin): $84.00
  2. Dara Hoy (Lei / Dragonuv): $24.00
  3. Kevin (Lili): $12.00
  4. Matthew (Roger Jr. / Yoshimitsu)
  5. Pete (Armor King)
  6. Rain Chong (Lee / Hwoarang / Baek / Xaiyou)
  7. David Kong
  8. Bernard Fulton
  9. Cozby
  10. Ryan Shemanski
  11. Derin Araujo
  12. Jaime Blancas

whose lae? and whose kevin?

I’m Lae. Thanks for hosting, had fun. I was gonna sign up as A-Suka but I came late and my boy put a name in for me,kkg Thanks for waiting for me to show up also. =) btw can you let me know if you post up the video’s?

you should come to GU sometime for good tekken practice

What does GU stand for?

i think he’s referring to game underground in framingham
also good job, i stopped in to look for a couple seconds but didn’t stick around to watch the tournament

Updated results with characters. These are from what I remember so correct me if I’m wrong.

I gotta admit, when it comes to Asuka I definitely know the better combos and punishes ('cause that’s all I really practice in Tekken 6) but you have the better mix-ups and setups. If we both put our skills together, we’d make one unstoppable Asuka, lol. I’ll probably study your Asuka tactics while I’m editing the videos. I’ll let you know when I upload them.

I’ll either make two separate videos of the Tekken 6 and Super Street Fighter IV tournament or combine them together into one video depending on how much footage I end up recording by the end of Saturday’s tournament.

lol you should have entered the tournament then. I’m kinda rusty anyways, I sold my PS3 2 months ago and have not been playing Tekken 6 much so I missed a lot of my combo’s, I only practice with my boy the night before. But yeah definitely, we should put our Asuka’s together, you can only get better.

Hope you make another Tekken 6 session soon, I’d definitely play again. I’ll bring out the Mishima’s next time. =)

Kevin is Me, My name should be either Tip or EmilieRochefort when i play Tekken

just one question, are you online players or do you guys actually meetup?

We Meet Up. At Least the Top 3 Lae, Dara, & I are Offline Players for the Most Part.


My seed. It grows.

I’m actually an online player. that was one of my first times playing T6 offline at the Bubble Tea House. Hopefully I can play offline more often but not to many people play T6 offline in my area that I know of.


[media=youtube]dFMC4pxStaY[/media] My name was JinerationX on PSN till I sold my PS3.

any more vids? Vic?