Bubble Tea House 3: Tekken 6 & SSFIV Tourney - Dec 10-11th at Providence, RI

Tekken 6 Singles and Street Fighter IV Singles

Bubble Tea House
849 Westminster St.
Providence, RI. 02903

Tournament starts at 3:00 PM, both days.

To all my boys out there, I’m sorry I couldn’t move the date any farther. Fortunately December 10-11th is the week after Northeastern Championships XI and not during as people had originally thought. Only bad part about that is that the Souper Bowl tournament at Lowell, Massachusetts is on the following Sunday after the Bubble Tea tournament and I’m assuming people might be burnt from constant tournaments. I did the best I could though so if you can’t show up for whatever reason, it’s all good.

Also I probably won’t be playing Tekken 6 ('cause I haven’t played it for like an entire year) but I’ll be glad to assist in hosting the tourney anyway. I’m always supporting fighting games no matter what.

This is the Bubble Tea House’s third tournament. Weaksauce took first place with Sagat during the last event and winning a total of $304.00 (29 participants total), followed by CP, LuckyD and asiantom respectively for top four. This was back in the Vanilla days by the way. That means that this will be the Bubble Tea House’s first Super tournament.

This time around we’re doing a special a two-day event with the** Tekken 6 tournament on Friday** ('cause we know there’s some Tekken players out there in Rhode Island dying to put their skills to the test) and Super Street Fighter IV on Saturday.

There are restaurants / fast food restaurants around the area like Subway, Burger King, McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, etc. If anyone has any questions about the whereabouts of these restaurants, you can ask me or any other staff / tournament organizer. Also keep in mind that the Bubble Tea House also sells Vietnamese sandwiches as well as phenomenal bubble tea! I highly recommend trying out some of the bubble tea. You will not be disappointed!

All participants were given free bubble tea during the last tournament. Unfortunately we aren’t able to do that again this time around, sorry. It’s all good though, the Bubble Tea House has a massive selection of great bubble tea to choose from!

Venue - $5
Tournament Entry - $15
Spectators - Free

Let us know if you’re going to come and spectate so that we have an idea of how many people are showing up.

We’re planning on at least four CRTVs. We’ll try to get as much as we can. We have an in-store HDTV but obviously nobody wants to play on that because of the button lag although it’s fine for tournament play if both the players agree on it (which I’d recommend against). As for consoles, we’re definitely having at least one PlayStation 3 setup and I’ll most-likely be bringing over my own Xbox 360. Setups shouldn’t be a problem. If anything, I’m assuming we’ll have two PS3 and two 360 setups.

We will give players a choice of which console they want to play on. I think this is a great idea because I know some people own PlayStation 3 arcade sticks and some people own arcade sticks just for the Xbox 360. I personally own a bunch of arcade sticks for both consoles so I don’t mind letting people use mine if they’re not already in use. Regular game pads are also fine if that’s what you prefer. I’m sure we’ll have those readily available but I’d recommend you bring your own controller(s) just in case.

The usual…
Double elimination.
Best two out of three matches.
Winners finals and losers finals are best three out of five matches.
Pressing Start / pausing the game will result in immediate disqualification.
Turbo functions are prohibited.

First place winner gets 70% of the pot and three free drinks courtesy of the Bubble Tea House as well as a t-shirt.
Second place winner gets 20% of the pot and also a bubble tea t-shirt.
Third place winner gets 10% of the pot.

We’re going to do pre-registrations as usual to prevent the little store from overcrowding. We’re looking for up to 40 participants max so if you think you’re going to show up, please post and I will add your name to the list. If you’re local you can stop by and pre-register right at the Bubble Tea House. I will be notified and your name will then be added onto this list.

You can attend as guests but if you’re participating in the tournament, please state so; put down your name and I will add you to the list. If you decide to drop out anytime before the tourney, it would be good if you’d let us know so that we can remove you from the list and possibly fit other people that may want to enter.

Tekken 6

  1. Victor “Victormaru” Thammavong
  2. Pete
  3. Paofue
  4. Beans
  5. Cozby
  6. Tip
  7. Dara Hoy
  8. A-Suka
  9. Rain Chong
  10. David Kong
  11. Todd
  12. Ryan
  13. Jaime
  14. Vannoreth Chheng

Super Street Fighter IV

  1. Victor “Victormaru” Thammavong
  2. Tim
  3. B-rizzle
  4. Ignizshun
  5. Cozby
  6. JambitBoom
  7. Xstars
  8. HBRD
  9. Dara Hoy
  10. Asiantom
  11. Joey Griffin
  12. Tip
  13. Jon Lam
  14. mrsleeps
  15. kRad
  16. DontJump

We’re looking to hold more tournaments in the future so if anyone has any ideas and / or suggestions like how we should run the tourney, what games we should hold tournaments for and whatnot, please let me know and we might consider them next time. This is how Tekken 6 made it this time around.

so SSF4 is on saturday right? I talked to Joe and he said T6 was on Friday and SSF4 was on saturday, i just wanted to confirm.

Yes, Tekken 6 is on Friday and Super Street Fighter IV is on Saturday. Also, the tournament time has been changed from 2 PM to 3 PM (for reasons I do not know).

Yo I changed the time to 3 because friday kids get outta school at 3, Since I just finished Highschool I forgot all about it so this mainly effects the tekken tourny but for ssf4 I can start whenever

I’ll be there, sign me up for ssf4, Xstars. I can also bring a CRT and my PS3 as well if you guys need an extra set up.

I won’t play T6, but if you need an extra set up for T6, I’ll come through with one even if I don’t participate.

Sign me up for SSF4. Motherfucking kumquat bubble tea let’s goooooooo :party:

Sign Me Up for Tekken 6 as Tip.

Hi. I’m new here, just moved back to Lowell last week. Can you sign me up for Tekken 6? My name is Lae, my game name is A-Suka hence my main character Asuka. I’m dying to see some competition.

Yeaaaaa finally posted xD GET HYPE RI!

Yo, I didn’t see this thread. Count me in. It’s a good thing I’m not going to be competing in my own tournament because I’ll definitely be burnt out :stuck_out_tongue: hopefully others don’t share the same SSFIV fatigue as me. I want you guys at the SB.

I should be at SB Sunday :smiley:

bump to this thread come on RI where you at??

Alright, list updated. Let’s keep 'em coming RI!

Also I just got a new job so I’m not even sure if I’ll be able to make it to this Bubble Tea tournament now, LOL. It all depends on my work schedule (whenever I get it) now.

Xstars that’ll be nice if you can at least bring the CRTV. The PS3 could help too just in case some people only have PS3 sticks. I remember you showed up for the last Bubble Tea tournament. I just hope we have room to set everything up so the tournament can run faster.

This is awesome. I can bring a PS3 as well.


Hi there, im really confused about this because this thread says that ssf4 is on a friday, and the your thread says its on a saturday and both threads have different start times which just makes it more wtf.

i’d just like to know which thread is correct so I can know which day is SSf4 and at what time it starts so i can plan accordingly. thanks!

I hoping Victor’s thread is the one we’re going by, because I can’t make a SSFIV tournament on Friday :\

shit didn’t see this one my bad
i’ll try and get rid of the other one

work :tdown: holidays kickin my butt.

Cant wait! lol already signed up under B-Rizzle lol

Put me up under Dont Jump