BuckNazty's Barbershop SF4 NY Ranbt 3.0 -7/26/09 RESULTS

First off i want to thank everybody that came by and made this tourney for what it is< fun and Hype! also to thanks again to smoke house for hooking it up with the specials!!

Singles Results

1st- Arturo(Sabin)Sanchez (Seth, Ryu)
2nd- Dru(FATTY TABS) (Balrog)
3rd- John(Kyori) Fernandez (Vega)
4th- Duane(BuckNazty)Alvarez (El Furete)
5th- Ron(Bob Saget) (Sagat/ryu/seth)

Team Results

1st-Team Mexican Boxer (Buck, FATTY TABS)
2nd-Team WHYSOFREE? (Arturo,Kiru)
3rd- Team Curly Mustache (Tony Cap, Alex UPtown)

-Chairs combusting with all the hype! lmao
-Kyori slicing people left and right w/ CLAW
-FATTY TABS boxer working his way up from loser after josh360 knocked him there second round.
-Arturo showing why SETH is THE FINAL BOSS! UGGH

Until next time in AUGUST 30th EVERYBODY PEACE!!

Fun event buck I hella enjoyed myself.

Sorry I couldn’t make it Buck, I didn’t get back from Jersey till like 8. Sam recorded some videos from the tournament though, he should be posting them soon.

Oooo, an East Coast Claw? Interesting… Any vids?

Kyori’s Claw is straight up nasty. You’d have a hard time believing he’s low tier watching him.

good stuff
Kyori’s claw was straight up questions marks, dude was a mindgame and a half.

I feel like i lvl’d up at this tourny

I’m coming for that balrog fatty next time I wont be so free lol

I already downloaded tio tournament organizer for the laptop so we’re straight, no need to mess with that online bracket generator. Thanks for hosting another great event buck, gg’s to everyone I played and good shit to everyone who went. Also, buck, I played as sagat, ryu, seth. I see you had a question mark up there.

These were uploaded by Sam, he was the one who recorded them.

Winners Finals
Kyori vs Arturo

Losers Finals
Fattytabs vs Kyori

Grand Finals
Farrytabs vs Arturo

You’re welcome for uploading the matches on my channel. :smiley:

I’ll be Westchester Crew’s Preppy.

Buck can you put me down as Kiru for the team tourney results?

Great event, lots of dynamic players. I’m gonna continue to rep Cammy, even though we’re gonna see a lot more of them since Evo this year.

(Not an '09er, lost old acct)

God damn that is a crazy Seth…

GGs to everyone i played, westchester is leveling up like crazy =)

art ur a beast, i think i need to learn seth lol

btw definitely coming to the next one Aug. 30th I live 15 minutes away in Tuckahoe.

The real question is how much money did Arturo win?

ight got u

thats wutz hope to see u there

i think there was 16 competitors cuz of some other tournament in brooklyn by empire, so arturo was banned??? listen i dont care how good u are as long as u kool, respect ma place, n want to have fun come through! it our job to level ourselves up to give comp n get wit it . Wit the pot of ten dollar entries
kyoir got 10, dru got 40, art got 100. i got a couple more come to the next one. im a probably see wats good wit Connecticut V.S westchester n peoplle out of nyc( ya know put ya money up:rock:) n like i said the more come the bigger the pot. pretty simple

thanks manny appreciate the post

when i get back from work ill fix the results, that was up so no more bracket problems:sweat:.

always welcomed man u mad chill< hope u have a good time in japan n murk those japs in SBO.

Yo I had mad fun at the tournament, and I’m definitely making the next one. Thanks for all the Vega love, everyone.

On a side note you can’t put me and paul at 5th. As homo as this sounds we had a play off for 5th and 6th lol. I won that. bob 5th, paul 6th. Paul’s mad good though, it wasn’t free.

lol> oh ight no doubt so i had it right the first time.