BuckNazty's Barbershop SF4 NY Ranbt 3.0 -7/26/09


Wutz good Everyone! We are about launch off another monthly SF4 tourney at the shop! this time im letting people know ahead of time in case of work or other things. Thank to all the people that came by the last two tourneys i hear lots of talk in ma town in the prep this one:tup:. my good friends at smokehouse shaq will happy to run that 20$ all you can eat BBQ all day back:bgrin: Now the last tourney i had 3 station available< For this one ill be adding another two having five stations all together to have this tournament running smoothly.

MVP CUTS Barbershop
614 North Ave
New Rochelle, NY 10801
Date and Time**
July 26 2009 on Sunday
Registration starts at 4:00 PM
Tournament starts at 5:30 PM**[COLOR=“Red”][COLOR=“Red”] SHARP[/COLOR][/COLOR]**

Direction by Train
-Get to Grand Central 42nd st and take the local line to New Haven(on the tv it’s highlighted red that shows Mount Vernon 1st stop)
-take the train and get off at New Rochelle
-get out at North Ave
-We are right in front of LMC carwash (the only carwash on North Ave.)


-SF4 for XBOX 360
-MVC2 station open for casuals for dreamcast
Rules **
-Entry fee $10
ate entries $15 but starting in losers**

2nd_ 30%
3rd_ entry fee

2/3 double elimination
3/5 loser and winners finals
4/7 Grand finals

Any question, suggestion just post below Thanks


Hey I’m just coming back from vegas, if anu of you seen the live stream to evo I know you seen diago beastin winning $8,000 for first prize! Ugh
Anyway ima start setting shit up on sat, talk to some people at evo n I got some killas comin , smoke house will be workin a deal to hook da competitors up with some specials when they get hungry.


Damn lemmie bump this back up so we can catch a few dudes. I’ll be there along with at least 4 others, let’s get this goin ya’ll.


yo i cant wait for this tomorrow, i’ll be there and i have a set up if u want me to bring my 360 and tv let me know buck


yea ima def need that Xbox ma dude and thanx for all da people that could make it to this tourney> RELAX people im doin this to bring the community together not some cheap shit way to get money< im a very established baber thank you, shit if anything i might add to da pot but don’t count on it, i got bills to pay:lame: but the more people come da bigger the prize gets pretty simple:tup: hope to see y’all there and I just finished clearing up the shop> PEACE


ughhhh all you can eaaaatttttttttttt

that bbq is gdlk, be there in acouple hours!


they stop the allu can eat:bluu: but for the people that are in tourney they have some specials that only people playing can order so just as good~:wgrin:


I got 2 boxes coming with me, so you can add that to the mix

that bbq sounding good right now!