BuckNazty's Barbershop SF4 NY Ranbt 4.0-New Rochelle, NY *8/30/09*


hey wutz everyone i know this is a lil late< i was trying to see if I was going to able to do this n decided to keep this one going:tup:
want to thank a lot of the competitors who come by these tourneys n realize what i try to do> couple guest we had already<<j360, SNAKE(marvel guys)>><<Arturo(Sabin), Erick(smoothviper), Andre, Rashaan, FATTY TABS, Kyori and many others that are just beast>> so if u want to level up sf4 or in some other games WE GOT THE GOODS!
wit dat said heres wat u need to know…

MVP CUTS Barbershop
614 North Ave
New Rochelle, NY 10801
Date and Time**
August 30, 2009 on Sunday
Registration starts at 4:00 PM
Tournament starts at 5:30 PM**[COLOR=“Red”][COLOR=“Red”] SHARP[/COLOR][/COLOR]**

Direction by Train
-Get to Grand Central 42nd st and take the local line to New Haven(on the tv it’s highlighted red that shows Mount Vernon 1st stop)
-take the train and get off at New Rochelle
-get out at North Ave
-We are right in front of LMC carwash (the only carwash on North Ave.)


-SF4 for XBOX 360
-MVC2 station open for casuals for dreamcast
Rules **
-Entry fee $10
ate entries $15 but starting in losers**

2nd_ 30%
3rd_ entry fee

2/3 double elimination
3/5 loser and winners finals
4/7 Grand finals

i might have another stand for another game, ill see when i arrange everything just post below for any questions


I am def gong to this tourney, i heard last time they had fucking Arturo, and if rahsaan goes is a rap. Bronx is reppin this tourney please believe we there to kick some new roc ass. My ryu is gonna bust some ass. Also…mvc2 machine there too, if u new rocs dudes want, prepare to hold that shit.


ight ma ni99a< we got u! got a lot of da locals talkin for this tourney so will so how nyc holds their shit>>


A tourney in New Rochelle, I am there. Going to be my first tourney and i am going to bust some ass. My Ryu is going to be there reppin. I fell sorry for the locals there, there gonna be so done.


Mad slick ass tournament. I can’t wait! Arutro was there last time, but this crazy dude Julio from Japan is coming, so I think he’s going to win it. Both guys beat Diago, so it’s close. This is the hypest tournament!


n of course we gotta add some marvel to get da over da level hype. i got the 8 way fixed for da dreamcast so we definitely crackin it! wuz good fosh?!?!


Last tourny had a pretty good turnout this ones gonna be even better, Chairs randomly smashing under people that shit was so hype… Plus you got crack going on in the back and Smoke house right outside you cant beat that.


:rofl:dont worry about that, i got dat problem fixed> i bought some steel folding chairs to support bigger hype, and ma dude here got the smokehouse thing right> they agreed to hook me up again wit those specials cuz of the last turnout< so crack n food is like football N beer!:tup:


yo bob or dru i nned to get in contact wit u guys for xboxs and the set up for sunday> jus message or post when u get the chance


I’m heading on my way right now. CAN’T WAIT! Come see me guys!