Buff wishlist for ver2013



post here what you’d like to see buffed for Blanka, keep it realistic.


Blanka could use a faster horizontal ball so that you can actually use this move, his EX way too slow to punish projectiles from a bit of range.
a bigger hitbox on his cr. mk (for combo’s) and cr. HK (sweep range is ass now) and more invincibility on his lk upball to have a meterless anti-air option


Blanka needs more damage output. What’s the best meterless punish he can do midscreen? Doesnt even compare to Kazuya, Heihachi, Cammy, Cody and most of the cast. Even with meter, is not that great. He should be able to combo cr.mk after st.hk midscreen, or even combo 2 cr.mk one after another outside of a juggle.
Also, his aa’s are crap compared to ssfiv.
I’d like that his super could be used as a reliable aa, like his ssfiv counterpart.


Yes buffing his cr. mk would make him work in this game.

The one thing I’ve got the most problem is are his upballs. They never go in the direction that I want. They used to auto correct a bit, now Blanka has zero cross-up defence with his lightening being nerfed.

The only choice you have is to be on the attack constantly and using his best move j.hp like a cheap mishima knock-off :frowning:
But I still love his hops and lightening pressure, even though it’s not as good anymore. But people seem to handle his pressure a lot worse because of his insane movement speed.


So damage reduced on vertical roll, normals got a lot worse, Blankabal becomes even less safe …


Outside of boost combos nerfs, i’m very disappointed, no buff to his terrible elec range, i hoped a hitbox’s buff, make it similar to his elec from SFIV. Not much juggles/combos/damages which is one of his worse issue.

And some other nerfs like cr. HP less pushback, why ? This normal is already terrible and is highly punishable.

I’m pissed of right now.


He really needed some buffs, but he got nerfed for no reason.

I will still play him though, but he’s becoming the Dan of SFxT


close HP being cancel able is quite good, and his super has become an anti-air… let’s focus on the positive.


With all the changes, it really is a shame that they left Blanka such a broken character.
He needed quite a few changes, and they basically did nothing with him, and what they did changed, they changed it for the worst.

No anti-air normals, broken hitbox on his sweep, an even worse upball.
But I’ll once again find a way to play him, but he’s the Dan of SFxT


I really miss cr.strong and s.rh anti-airs from AE.


That’s still very weird, especially with the v2013 that wanted to give more anti-air options. Still hoping for hidden buffs :frowning:


fix his damn hop, it is slower then balls on acid.


me too, and his LK-upball was also nerfed.
That was my main anti-air, but it’s hurtbox is bigger and it’s invincibility is gone.
Same with his horiballs, they both don’t even trade and just seem to lose everything :frowning:

I wish his LK-upball was like Kuma’s lk frolicking bear in 2013.

inv. on frame 1-8 but only 100m damage. That would be fair.


I guess you could say that horiballs in SFxT are hori…ball?

Sorry guys, but it was right there. I’m not one to ignore the obvious elephant in the room :stuck_out_tongue:


mmm…I have learned to utilize it to a point where it isn’t hori…ball. I mainly use it for my oki as a cross up or as a round starter jab hori to electricity or fierce hori to catch the back jumpers, seems to catch button mashers all the time as well as turtles. I also sometimes use it when I am walking backwards and people are jumping towards me. It is also useful to use against fireball spammers as it goes through projectiles (as EX) and you can get that wallbounce and combo into crouching forward to upball and you can continue your combo with a tag cancel off of that as well. Not a very good move but if you can learn tricks to using it, it can be a decent move.

no doubt though, it could be alot better.



They seemed to have fixed Blanka’s cr. mk
It connects so much better now during combo’s


I do alot of his footsies with his cr. mk as it can go into a launcher or combo (somtimes) but after plyaing last night, I did a jumping roundhouse > cr. mk > cr. mk and I actually connected the crouching kicks. I am mind blown as well. I didn’t realize they fixed it, just thought I got lucky. hitting the training room NOW!


I did the same thing! :slight_smile: I can actually hit hk, cr. mk, upball now during online matches


What are the thoughts of more experienced SFxT Blanka players? Is he viable? I picked him for fun in endless before the update and I kinde liked him. Might be picking him up if he’s not absolutely terrible.


He’s a good and mobile set-up character that can play excellent keep-a-way and always has a way to get in.
But his damage potential is pretty low, even with his HP XXX option, and his anti-air options are awful without meter.

Just hop around like a madman, frustrate your opponent and have fun :slight_smile: