Buffalo NY thread - state yo name gangsta!

If you from buffalo NY post here

Guyofkaillera A.K.A. Jug/G37
AIM: Gouthemonster
Games: SFA3. RB2, 3S, GGAC, KOFXI

Holla at cha boy!

in buff as well lookin for games.

I’m not from buffalo, only temporarily residing here for school…but since you asked

games are cvs2, ggac, and super turbo

moochie and jug my niggas…lol what good, buff GG is bouts to big up. Well maybe after i big up my game just a little… yo we playing friday at matts.

yo nunie, we missed u on friday. We had packed house and some real good action going on.

heh, no we just missed nuni. he came after we left. matt told us that ya bro got skillz. can’t wait to play em ^_^.

Shot out to Brian (akazukin cha cha) for havin the latter at his house yesturday
(and for the ride home heh)

Yo whats up kids…i when we playin this week

man that sucks, a scene shows up after i move out of buffalo

yeah that does suck, we actully got quite a bit of people…to bad no one uses shoryuken, dust loops, zaibatsu…come on guys let show em we exist

Bringing back the buff forum

even though MOST aint from buffalo, and/or dont even live in buffalo lol

anybody else thats from the ‘hood’ besides me? LOL

Just keeping the thread alive…I think we Playing Guilty today at matts or my crib let me know whats up

I’m down for w/e. let me know

yo jug start posting on dustloop.com too, we got a buffalo stop there…aight kid…the new place for guilty gear…aight playa. we still playing guilty ova here, and im gonna take ur thrown soon.

as far am I’m concerned, I have no throne…
but however you feel, it’s always availble for the taking ^_^…

I’m just waitin for the day…

one day im thinkin of headin up there cuz some girl i know wants me 2 go out there so i hope some of u guys can come out and play

yeah red…just let us know when you would be coming up.

yeah we exist

Is any1 going NEC from the Morris County area, id pitch in some money to get picked up in Parsipanny, Morris County, New Jersey. Also looking for hotel accomidations, just wondering! PLEASE PM ME!!!