Buffalo, NY- We drink tears as liquid refreshment


God your dhalsim the other night was driving me crazy hahaha.
I could not get in for the life of me.


So Tony P, how is operation 'Beat the shit out of Jug in SF ’ coming? Cuz I sure fail at it :frowning:


Pittsburgh invadin Buffalo thread! Since we can’t beat Jug either :arazz:

Nice to see you guys on here. Can’t wait for the next Buffalo tourney.


hm, much more comfortable to post here. this will do :slight_smile:


yay. also, even tho online play is sorted looked down upon. i’m learning alot but just playing phil in tons of matches. thanks phil




Hey everyone, we have a new home!

Sorry I didn’t make it to the Barcade on Saturday - I’ll spare you my cryin, and just say I’ll see you all next week.

In other news I had some time to kill, and decided to play around a bit on Guilty Gear #R for PC. And all I have to say is WOW. I don’t know how many of you played that game, but it was the shit. Seriously! What a great game, I wish I could transport myself a few years back in time just to play it all over again. If any of you are feeling nostalgic I’d totally be down for some casual shit in any GGXX one game night, or hell online if you have the program. Probably a longshot lol but nailing that counter hit pilebunker gives me a special warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

On to all the homework I neglected!


Reload was certainly my favorite, and the korean version had a boss ass soundtrack. Need to remind myself to put that OST on my ps3 so I can custom it in for Super StreetFighter, along with all gthe dope ass CVS2 and 3S tracks. Oh and every Cammy stage remix there is.


Made an account on here (finally).

I feel so dirty posting up here -_-


So guys… at game nights you should totally set up a 360 connected to XBL, with me on the other end. :stuck_out_tongue:


lol sounds like tony misses us :frowning: i miss u too bro!


I had actually thought about that very thing Tony, and may very well have something like that in the not-so-distant future.


haha, we can make the ‘play tony g station’ lol.

You better visit us when you return home, were more important than family, cuz your family don’t bring da hype.


So you guys finnally made it to SRK, whats poppin. Ya’ll hype for that new SF4?


yeah we finally made it. indeed we are very hype. you going to evo nunie?


I’ve ditched my girlfriend of almost 3 years to come hang out with you guys before. What’s family?
Hopefully we’re able to connect. I can’t connect to anyone but Tony P.


Hey Nunie what’s going on? You know we are all pumped for Super. I’m gonna be all about serving up big bowls of delicious Ultra Ochi-O’s! The cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast.

@ Tony G, next time you see me online (whenever that will be) send me an invite and we’ll test the connection.


My save data got corrupted!!!


i am sadfaced at we can’t play online vs each other anymore tony g. -_- WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!


So is 8wr officially dead?