Buffalo, NY- We drink tears as liquid refreshment

the real question is, who da funk dun never been had seen the greatness that is Bloodsport? REELZ?


im iffy since im injured for tuesday. i might do something else ill let you know by text tuesday afternoon tony.

So plan is burgerz (830-9ish), followed by come over to my crib for movies n games. (till wheneverz)


My name is Random Politician and I approve of this message.

Hey guys! I still exist, even if I haven’t said a word since the Skullgirls thing. Been really busy with work, among other things, though hopefully I could show up at a PnT meetup soon.

Speaking of the Skullgirls thing, never properly said anything about it. Thanks! It was my first time playing local fighting games, and even if I got obliterated (lost both first rounds, yay for scrubbiness), I really enjoyed myself! Hopefully,I’ll be back sometime!

In unrelated news, anyone know how to dualmod a TvC stick with 360? Working on a stick project.

cthulu solderless clip is probably the easiest route, Dual modding 101

Would do dinner with you guys today. But have to deal with a family concern.

car broke on me again… no way there. somebody give me a ride, or else I can’t come =(

Workin’ that midnight oil

Got my xTokki, now just waiting on that controller

Hey guys, I’m going to be coming to Buffalo this weekend. I’ll have some time to get games in at PnT and chill for a bit. If anyone is even remotely interested in AE I’ll be around for games and tips. From checking out the thread it seems like a lot of faces have changed, but I’d still like to help out Buffalo however I can.

Also I’m craving that delicious Buffalo grub, so if anyone wants to snag dinner on Saturday I say we get a few people together and hit a classic.

PS - When is a good time to show up on Saturday anyway?

It’l be cool to hang Jeff. I am down to eat. AE has picked back up a bit, it has like 4-5 players. Besides, Des is back and he is your nemesis :slight_smile:

I’d say AE doesn’t get interest early, so probably after 5pm is your best bet.

Oh, and of course I will play other games too. I’m in for Guilty Gear, and I wouldn’t mind learning some KOF either.

Also, DES I AM COMING FOR YOU. It’s been too long.

car is fine. gotta new hose to replace the punctured one… apparently my engine mount fell out somehow and made my engine sink in a little… $200 later things are back to normal… yaaaaaay! -_-

Jeff, a lil’ bad news, I may not be at PnT until late (or at all). Some stuff came up, but hopefully everyone else will be there for ya.

^ Lame. I might have some time at other points in the weekend, maybe we can meet up, just let me know.

NYC SF25 Anniversary Tourney (Aug 11th-12th) can now be registered for. This is the one with the 2.5k + trip and 1.5k + trip 1st & 2nd place prizes for SF4 and SFxT. Who’s going?


Oooh. Never been to NYC.

The prototype for my stick came

I’m about to.