Buffalo, NY- We drink tears as liquid refreshment


^ awesome, and phil thats a good idea text me your add


I sent out that HoN beta key, sorry for the delay. Between illness, studying, forgetting that I had to send it to you, and my lack of checking this forum… yeah, anyway, it’s out there. Enjoy!


Was it a good estimate? And any news on that license coming in soon? Really looking forward to seein the place in full swang.

Also I just lost my friday/saturday hours AGAIN! So I may ride with Jon to Barcade, we’ll see. Depends how I feel, I’m really pissed about this job thing right now.


can’t wait to that liquor license comes in, gonna be awesome


Thanks a ton Zach, like i said, anything you want at mighty when i come home.


Kyle and anyone else who thinks driving to the barcade is a hassle, be proactive, car pool it up. You drove me and John last time, have one of us drive you. Meet people half way and car pool ala Phil or Jug. Saves everyone time and gas money. I shouldn’t need to mention this, we need to start thinking ahead and make this a staple that can grow into something truly great. Real Talk, man up and plan ahead, i want ppl ridin in with each other 4 or 5 thick, should be easy.



damn did I kill the mood? lol

So yea, Me, Kyle, Ryan, Joe, Jug, Phil, John, Jon, Jeff, Tony and Des ALLL have cars. On average 10 players show to barcade. That requires a minimum of 3 cars. Someone willing to car pool (which should be everyone) just has to say: “Yo I am heading to game night around 5pm, who wants in? Hit me up so we can arrange when to meet at my place”. Then go from there.

That being said, I am going around 5pm tomorrow, who wants to come with me?



I’m gonna want to head there at around 2:30 - 3:00. Once there, I’ll probably step away from the barcade for a few hours, but I’ll be back. Just warning ya.

So far kyle wants to ride. Anybody else calling a spot?


I will not be going. i got the job finally, so i wanna enjoy my last week playing ice hockey this saturday.


gratz on the job ryan.

anyways i’m driving to the barcade tomorrow, i’ll post what time when i get further information. if anyone wants a ride hit me up. jeff k gonna ride with me so i got 2-3 spots. if you are in the opposite direction of the barcade i’d appreciate it if you guys can meet me halfway and drive out to UB. that is all [=


New shit! Dudley - http://twitpic.com/12tcfc

And new trailer - [media=youtube]NzGCtYHyYOY[/media]

See you guys Saturday, I’ll be working on footsies, we know what we gotta do now to level up.


footsies are keys, jeff yours are pretty good. cha i will ride with you instead id rather leave at 5 then at 3 but thanks phil




hmmmm… joe can I ride with u? :slight_smile:




Not exactly suspenseful anymore. Now it’s just annoying, capcom. Come on. Out with it already.


soon enough they will announce it. not like we don’t already know. 95% of that rumor list was true so i highly doubt there’s gonna be some major curveball thrown in there.


Won’t be making it to the Barcade this week due to work. Maybe next week.


throw some SF EX characters in the game instead? lol


^lol that would be sweet


cool that there is another sf scene outside nyc in the states ; )