Buffalo, NY- We drink tears as liquid refreshment


I will not be going. i got the job finally, so i wanna enjoy my last week playing ice hockey this saturday.


gratz on the job ryan.

anyways i’m driving to the barcade tomorrow, i’ll post what time when i get further information. if anyone wants a ride hit me up. jeff k gonna ride with me so i got 2-3 spots. if you are in the opposite direction of the barcade i’d appreciate it if you guys can meet me halfway and drive out to UB. that is all [=


New shit! Dudley - http://twitpic.com/12tcfc

And new trailer - [media=youtube]NzGCtYHyYOY[/media]

See you guys Saturday, I’ll be working on footsies, we know what we gotta do now to level up.


footsies are keys, jeff yours are pretty good. cha i will ride with you instead id rather leave at 5 then at 3 but thanks phil




hmmmm… joe can I ride with u? :slight_smile:




Not exactly suspenseful anymore. Now it’s just annoying, capcom. Come on. Out with it already.


soon enough they will announce it. not like we don’t already know. 95% of that rumor list was true so i highly doubt there’s gonna be some major curveball thrown in there.


Won’t be making it to the Barcade this week due to work. Maybe next week.


throw some SF EX characters in the game instead? lol


^lol that would be sweet


cool that there is another sf scene outside nyc in the states ; )


^ damn skippy, we have a pretty good scene too. maybe one of these days we’ll have to come up to nyc


Since ryan isn’t coming, someone bring an extra PS3 and SF4, as well, could someone bring an extra SF4 on top of that? I misplaced it and don’t know if I’ll find it in time.



i think he teleported or sumthin [media=youtube]SoWtPnkTRFA&feature=related[/media]


Finally have a chance to post up…
it’s always a good experience and fun to play with all of u, i hope u guys can come up to T.O more and join our tournaments.

Jug: I’ll be waiting for u to get back at me

Lastly, a Big thankyou goes to akazukin chacha for housing and paying for my gas money to buffalo =)


get back at you? if it’s a rivalry you want, I guess you gotta rival then haha. so I guess I have to train hard and think of hundreds of more shenanigans to use to beat you now haha.
We’ll see…

EDIT: [media=youtube]2eyhQ1PwFIE&feature=related[/media]

vulcano rosso was the first SNK look alike character capcom ever had to tell the truth… oh wait…
Akira produced this game / not capcom’s character >_<


Yo Dan was first to mock SNK before that, he was supposed to be making fun of Robert Garcia and Ryo.



naw, I meant the first serious SNK look alike character capcom ever had. I mean look at Viper. when people first saw pics of her they was saying she looks like a King of Fighters character.
I’m sayin Volcano Rosso was the first to make that statement as a capcom character without the intention of mocking SNK lol


word, i was gonna say, I know Jug already knew this, i missed that point. lol