Buffalo, NY- We drink tears as liquid refreshment


grow into something? like what? what is the ultimate goal here? heh, I say the more friends the better.


Basically, yea.

What I was getting at is when we have a commercial arcade where anyone can go, the amount of Buffalo fighting game players will (hopefully) grow a lot. People will go there you and you won’t know them. Heck, we might throw a tourny and get someone from Buffalo that none of us know. We can grow the scene now by recruiting people. There might be some casuals we can get to come to game nights if they are interested. But is now too early to do that? How many people are we willing to play with while we still meet as houses?

Say we throw up fliers and tell people to meet us some day at UB. 20 people show up. Suppose after that day 10 people want to come back. Do we keep meeting at UB, and not tell them about our regular fight nights? Growing the scene brings up those kinda questions, and if we all don’t wan to deal with it we can just wait till the barcade is completed.

Right now, I doubt there are unknowns on our level living in town (though you never know), but I bet we could easily get a lot more people if we wanted to.

tl;dr, Should we try to get more people into our group (probably nubs) or not?


I think we should keep the same tradition that Brian keeps: get to know these people before we invite them into our homes. If 10 out of the 20 people show up, and continue to show up and be enthusiastic about
playing, I say after a while we’ll let em in on our casual gatherings and see what happens from there. If it gets to be alot of people we might have to stick to hosting games at UB / barcade, all the while, hanging out in small
groups on the side. Who knows, we might meet another person like Celest, who’s cool that can host games at their place. I guess we’ll have to play it by ear, but in the mean time I think what you have is a good idea
thus far


So i’m sitting here playing bioshock 2, been playing since about 10pm…I get to the end of one of the areas and have to fight a miniboss. Just about kill her and she does this crazy attack that FREEZES MY GAME, never saw such a powerful attack before. Anyway, the game only autosaves after you exit a level, so I had to reboot xbox and lost an hour and a half of gameplay. fuck you bioshock, fuck you.


No matter how much you love your xbox, it never loves you back.
My bioshock does that to me so often :|.
I just finished the first one. How is the second one? Assuming it’s excellent since you’ve been playing for 2 hours. Not that 2 hours on a video game is much. I knock out 2 hours of SF in training mode.


I like the first one better, but 2 is very polished and a lot of fun. It’s rare for me to sit down for so long and play a game, but I’ve already played a 4 hour session and a 3 hour session. So far it’s totally worth the money, and I think I’m a bit under half through.


maybe photoshop? i dunno looks legit to me.


Kill it with fire. It’s photoshop…unless they changed the position of that menu from the builds they have already shown.



ok so i met a friend thru a friend and apperantly he has like 6-7 friends that play street fighter 4, he expressed running like a lil mini tourny between his friends and ours. i will keep you guys posted on the developments etc




Looks like “beginner-type” kind of controls. But still didn’t expect to see this.


What a timely turn of events!
If our first introduction is a tourny, I smell a beatdown brewing. Do we have any info yet if they are any good, or have you played any of them? As you say, keep us updated!


no… simply no


That’s a lot of players, hopefully at least 1-2 of them will keep playing after you guys beat them. I smell a lot of “fuck you man I got a job and a life and blahblahblah” out of the rest.

Wouldn’t it be cool if they all joined up though? lol only SF4’s hype machine could generate that kind of response, soooooo much hype.


Meh. I have a job. And kinda a life. And a girl. And I still play pretty dedicatedly.

Truth is, I don’t care too much about a career. And I sure as hell don’t want a family. At least right now anyway.

This is a hobby I have passion for. What more do you need?


either way it go. if your gonna be good at something your gonna have to put a decent amount of your life into it, whether it be sports, fornicating with random hot chicks, or kissing your bosses ass to
move up the corporate latter lol. If someone says I don’t have a life because it’s assumed that I’m good at video games because it’s the only thing I do, if they have a prospering career I could say all they
care about is making money and that they don’t have a life because all they do is work.


Jug and his counters.


it’s always 2 sides to a coin my friend. always important to sweep around your own door before you clean around others. am I right? lol


damn skippy


what’s up guys? i know kyle through jared if any of you guys know him as well. lol man u guys talk alot of sh**. we’d def be down for setting up some kind of tourney. we’re not new to the tournament thing :wink: looking forward to reading ur responses. haha


Lets do it up, I’ll money match any of you dudes if you want, 20 bucks best of 5.