Buffalo, NY- We drink tears as liquid refreshment


pretty much >.>


Just pick a board and stick to it.


yikes! SRK FTW! no more ads. down to business:

des - me/you, Fei Vs. Sagat - Must have practice!

phil - kaiten? whats that? less move names, more commands lol

nuni - sup my dude

jeff - I’d be down for some GGXX for old times sake :slight_smile:

this car is breakin my bank ya’ll. I got paid this friday and already had to spend my bs money (money thats left after bills) on car parts, which means I’m broke as hell, and I still have to get the car registered, which is another buck 40 of which I don’t actually have. I might as well kiss EVO 2010 goodye lol


fei command throw foo


oh. I can barely land a jab after I cross up, let alone a 14 frame special grab lol.


Just an fyi-

Thursday gaming will be on like usual. 9pm

Saturday I will be unavailable, please relocate to barcade for great justice.

Soon I will be able to practice Taokaka :frowning:


standing close mk… XX into 63214 grab


BAH HUMBUG! Hi Street Fighters.


Ok, nm on the blocked cl. mk XX grab.

Further research shows that 13 frames of stun is enough to prevent the 14 frame kaiten grab from connecting. It’s why no attack on hit will allow cancelled kaiten to connect. Any blocked jab would. But that’s it.

Sorry about that.


shes really fun in the new BB Brainm i was messing with her for a bit, im going to be messing with litchi and noel.

bah humbug tekken >.<


Whats good fools. Just to let you know I’m will be fighting for the New York State Belt next week at Turning Stone Casino so wish me luck. When are you guys going to hold another tourney?


Nunie sup man. We have a small tourney in April at UBCon coming up. Then the next Rumble will be around late may I’d surmize.



Hooray, i will be home for that :].
Wish i could be for the SSF4 jump off though. I’d imagine some incredibly fun game nights will occur once it comes out. I’m gonna miss all the Buffalo hype. :’[. Sob story.


that just might be the saddest sob story i’ve ever heard. i feel bad for you sir.


really? what day. the hotel i’m staying at right now is actually like 2 mins away from there

also i hope i’m not the only one who plans on taking off of work the day it comes out

game of the year!!![media=youtube]vVujFZ_jW-4[/media]


good luck dude :slight_smile: :tup:


FINALLY A INTERVIEW thrusday at 2:30!!


Celestein: Will my stick ever be fixed? :(((((((((((



Which versions do you have for ps2? I’ll hit you up on AIM about Reload.


Well I actually need a 360 pcb first, I don’t have any laying around as I said, Chris said he was going to give me that one but hasn’t actually happened yet. Works fine on PS3 though! For what little good that does you, playing on the ek bak.