Buffalo, NY- We drink tears as liquid refreshment


really? what day. the hotel i’m staying at right now is actually like 2 mins away from there

also i hope i’m not the only one who plans on taking off of work the day it comes out

game of the year!!![media=youtube]vVujFZ_jW-4[/media]


good luck dude :slight_smile: :tup:


FINALLY A INTERVIEW thrusday at 2:30!!


Celestein: Will my stick ever be fixed? :(((((((((((



Which versions do you have for ps2? I’ll hit you up on AIM about Reload.


Well I actually need a 360 pcb first, I don’t have any laying around as I said, Chris said he was going to give me that one but hasn’t actually happened yet. Works fine on PS3 though! For what little good that does you, playing on the ek bak.


Big Richez I need to buy one of the wired 360 pcb’s from modchipman myself, if you want to order we can do it together and save on shipping.


I’m not sure if I still have GGXX slash, but I do have AC. I never was into reload

good luck nuni! buss his head! HAHA!


I need a 360 pcb as well, ultimately.


Sooooooo is anyone here interested in getting into Tatsunoko vs Capcom? I was thinking about buying the game to see if i liked the gameplay then follow up that decision with another stick+sanwa buttons purchase if it was something that we could implement into our rotation or would have decent tournaments in the future.


I’ve been playing it, and can always mod a stick to add wii to it(like phil, crab, and my sticks are).


I’m gonna stick to my Wii hate. I gave TvC a chance when in Toronto, didn’t like it, it felt like a stiff and boring version of mvc1. Though they added my boy Frank West into the mix and it was tempting to play him alone, i will pass.


I ain’t got money for no wii… on to the next one! HA! let me know when they port it over to 360. I wanna play Zero :slight_smile:


yo zero is my man. note the name sonnnn ^___^. but definitely not playing tvc unless they port to 360 that’s for sure.



ooohh the memories…


gg’s kyle lol. thats the longest set ive played in a LOOOONG freaking time.


sooo sexy, i cant wait to do that shit >.<


I can’t say I am not looking forward to SSF4, too hype. Hopefully it isn’t pushed past UBCon for a release date.


it’s april 27th when is UBcon?


i’d be willing to try tvc tony. bring it to game night saturday cuz i wont be there thursday


aw crap ubcon is april 9-11 guess that’s out :frowning: