Buffalo, NY- We drink tears as liquid refreshment


I need a 360 pcb as well, ultimately.


Sooooooo is anyone here interested in getting into Tatsunoko vs Capcom? I was thinking about buying the game to see if i liked the gameplay then follow up that decision with another stick+sanwa buttons purchase if it was something that we could implement into our rotation or would have decent tournaments in the future.


I’ve been playing it, and can always mod a stick to add wii to it(like phil, crab, and my sticks are).


I’m gonna stick to my Wii hate. I gave TvC a chance when in Toronto, didn’t like it, it felt like a stiff and boring version of mvc1. Though they added my boy Frank West into the mix and it was tempting to play him alone, i will pass.


I ain’t got money for no wii… on to the next one! HA! let me know when they port it over to 360. I wanna play Zero :slight_smile:


yo zero is my man. note the name sonnnn ^___^. but definitely not playing tvc unless they port to 360 that’s for sure.



ooohh the memories…


gg’s kyle lol. thats the longest set ive played in a LOOOONG freaking time.


sooo sexy, i cant wait to do that shit >.<


I can’t say I am not looking forward to SSF4, too hype. Hopefully it isn’t pushed past UBCon for a release date.


it’s april 27th when is UBcon?


i’d be willing to try tvc tony. bring it to game night saturday cuz i wont be there thursday


aw crap ubcon is april 9-11 guess that’s out :frowning:


well at least we’ll have rumble 4 late may! a good 3-4 weeks to learn ssf4.


Hey Jug, I found an Arcade Board for Star Gladiator 2, you know what’s up.


Hey guys speaking of UB Con is that a definite thing? We still aren’t up on their website last time I checked.


I’ve actually played that before. Pretty fun.


hey guys, i wont be around thursday but saturday at the barcade i would really like to try this king of the machine thing. now depending on how many people will show up will determine if we have 2 groups or just one. i will bring my system and shit but basically i only want people who are serious about getting better to join this. if you dont think you can or ever wanna be as good or better then jug then i don’t think this is for you.

basically if we can get 2 groups there will be the group of top players imo ( jug, jeff, tony p, jeff p, cha cha), and the second group of everyone else( me, ryan, phil, joe etc).
each person will need a place holder( id, drivers lic etc) i will shuffle them up and place them on a table, top to bottom. 1st and 2nd placers will play first( 2 out of 3) winner stays on, loser goes to the bottom of the line. winner stays on til he loses. we will be keeping track of everyones win streaks. winner must stick with the char he one without until he loses and goes to the bottom of the line, then he can choose a different char if he wishes. each group will be doing the exact same thing. after a hour the person with the highest win streak will challange the person from the top players group with the lowest win streak. if the person from the top players group loses he goes to the bottom of the line in the second group and the winner will now be at the bottom of the line in the top player group.
streaks will reset for those 2 players but they will retain there win totals.

i think this is a really good way to add some excitement to our scene. unlike a tournament, even if you lose twice you still have a chance to improve. will allow you to see which matches ups you’re good at and whichs ones you’re not so good at. will give you a goal to aim for, rather it be to get at the top of your group or to get promoted to the other group etc.

i did something similar to this when i was out in az with my bro and it was hella fun so i say we give it a try.

still trying to figure out what to do with players who may have a lower win streak but overall more wins(suggestions welcome)


i definitely wanna do this! sounds like a lot of fun and props to kyle for taking the initiative to change up our game nights which haven’t been very eventful as of late. here’s my take / suggestions to the current format.

let’s be real here. we have 2 top players, jug and jeff. yes we can make the argument of certain players like tony p but the real truth is jug and jeff are consistently better than all of us and there is no question. so from here we can do this, considering this is going to be the first king of the machine. we put jug and jeff in separate groups and we randomly assign the other players to their groups.

this achieves these things:
#1 objective as possible
#2 starts us off with a fresh start on where to actually rank players instead of using opinions.

we can keep the results from this first king of the machine event and determine the top and 2nd groups for the next week. anyone who doesn’t show up to the first king of the machine event has to earn their way to the top group by being placed in the 2nd group.

i’m assuming 1st and 2nd placers mean the 2 randomly chosen to go first? but yeah sounds good.

i like the win streak idea, however it just adds confusion for no reason at the end. let’s keep it simple and use just win total. since we’re gonna be changing it up every hour, whoever pulls off win streaks will have more wins than people who don’t pull off win streaks anyway. let’s start by keeping it simple and if there is a need to add the win streak idea, we can always re-add it. also instead of the highest of the 2nd group challenging the lowest of the top group, i suggest there be no challenge. the lowest of the top group should always move down to the 2nd group. there shouldn’t be 2 criterias to earn a spot on the top group.

imagine if you played all those games for an hour and you lose in that challenge, you’ll be playing the same people for the next hour. the point of this IMO is if you’re good enough to get highest in the 2nd group, you should be rewarded to play new players and get more matchups and experience.

so simply said. lowest of top group moves to 2nd group. highest of 2nd group moves to top group. no need to stop the king of the machine for a bo3 and halts it for everyone else. keep it moving throughout the night baby! :slight_smile:

this adds extra incentive to really play your best. if you’re in the top group and you’re the lowest then hey, better luck next shift change. this continues to keep players moving between the 2 groups. this is what we want to see happen. we want to see a player from the 2nd group earn their spot in the top group and if they can hang in there [ not be lowest ], they stay there. if they’re at the bottom they’ll have to move back down to the 2nd group. to see if you can hang with the top group or not is a sign of how much more you need to improve.

love this idea and completely agree, it’s like a tourney setting but never ends till game night is over. adds excitement, fun and competition at the same time. let’s do it!

my suggestion to the lower win streak but more overall wins was already said up top.

good shit kyle!

SORRY FOR THE WALL OF TEXT, i’m just tossing in my 2 cents like i always do since this is a community i’m involved with [=


IMHO, tony p proved himself in the last tourney.

One idea may be to just randomly split players every week between 2 or 3 groups, depending on stations. Then after the first hour the best players from each group get placed into group one. If that’s not enough to make a full group, then start populating the 2nd best, and so on. Same for 2nd and/or 3rd.

Then you can start the above… But maybe look at it in a certain way that’s less strict… The best player of the lowest group always moves up. If the group they are moved into has too many players, then the lowest goes down. Same between the other two groups if there are 3 stations.

I’d recommend index cards for placeholders. Then you can mark down wins on there as needed. Probably be a good idea to put some thought into who has the organizational responsibilities.

Then next game session you can keep those cards to prepopulate the next set of groups based on previous set of wins. Not sure how many game nights in a row they should be kept. I think a little bit of reshuffling can be good to possibly mix things up a bit.


he did. no doubt about that and not to take away anything from tony p, 'cause he knows i love and hate him at the same time [ no homo ] ^__^, but trying to stay objective here, one tourney and one that jeff didn’t play in doesn’t disprove results from all our in-house tournies, which clearly show jug and jeff are our tops by a landslide.

it’s a good idea but isn’t the point to measure improvement by keeping it continuous week to week? i dunno other inputs needed. taking out the part about splitting groups every week, filling the top group by doing 1st from each group then moving onto 2nd and etc is a good idea.

yeah same as my idea, i agree.

yeah another good idea. and maybe make this monthly? or bi-weekly? inputs needed again haha