Buffalo, NY- We drink tears as liquid refreshment

jeff id say its too hot out tonight to make all that food. id just order out and make it cheaper.

Just to confirm, I want to go.

Ok, so things just got more complicated for the Toronto Tournament this weekend.

Yes I am driving to the tourney. However… Now I am staying for a concert, as one of my all time favorite bands Cibo Matto, is RANDOMLY doing a small reunion tour and will be in Toronto that very day at Lee’s Palace . I am NOT missing this, they haven’t been together since 2001 and this is a limited reunion.
It starts at 10:30pm, and I am going, tix are only $25 canadian, so if anyone is down to hear their delightful stylings with me, the more the merrier. I will be drawing up times I need to leave the tourney to get there, and when I will be coming back (say if no one is down for the concert, you can maybe stay and play casuals somewhere till I am done?)

Anyways, that is my situation. People are welcome to get in on the concert, or try to find a way to kick around TO until I am finished, somewhere around 2am i’d suspect.

lemme know.

ggz tonight.

since this was next paged, I wanted to make sure this was seen.

also, what is awesome their venue is like less than 5 mins from the concert venue:


Yo Buffalo, make sure you try to come out to this. It’s too close not to! Unless you don’t have a passport!

yo i am down to see cibo

Welcome! I look forward to playing you in MK once I come back to University for fall semester.

So… I decided to pick up Tekken 6 today. Anyways, I was wondering where the best resources are on the web for Tekken 6. Also, who would be a good character to start out with?

If anyone wants to stomp on a T6 noob (for now, :stuck_out_tongue: ), XBL: Diaphone Although I’ll probably won’t touch online until several weeks of the training room.

tyler- online is especially bad for tekken, but at least hopefully you can learn basics still before you return. Remember learning how to get up, learning your punishing moves and the difference between stepping and sidewalking a move are paramount to learning combos. The road to learing tekken is a slow one, as it is very experience driven. You have to gain a rough knowledge about what each character is capable of and how to bait/punish them and what they can/cannot punish of yours. I’m always here for questions.

Speaking of tekken 6…anyone wanna come with me to this? Tekken 3d: Bloodline Rebellion movie… crazy random, but a good way to get hyped for tekken :slight_smile: It’s one night only in US theatres,

So Kyle is down to go to the concert with me. What about the rest of the ppl going to TO? We really need to make a plan here.

I really don’t have the money to tack on a concert to the trip.

I’m not going to make it up this weekend. I have a bunch of family matters to take care of… non of them being the fun Steve Urkel kind.

@Brian - Heck yeah I’m down for the Tekken Movie!

@Everybody - Hey I’m liquidating some of my collection to help pay for Evo/Buy new furniture for my house. I’m selling the following things on Ebay next week BUT if you guys want these things I’d much rather sell them to YOU! Saves me on shipping and ebay fees. Here’s what I’m offering.

Sota Street Fighter Action Figures - 99 percent all New unopened. Some Characters are rarer than others so just ask or pm which ones you would want.
Beatmania for PS2 with the turntable controller - Pretty much new only played it like 5 times
King of Fighters all of the Ps2 versions - I have just about every game in mint condition I’d like to to sell them as a set.
Nintendo DSi XL Blue - I’ll sell this for $100 even. I have the box and all that shit.
Hard Cover Tekken Art Book - It’s from the limited edition game pack in - Very nice this one is spare I got from a friend.
Hori EX Xbox 360 Stick - One of the buttons has shorted out. Could easily be fixed or swapped out for sanwa parts. I’d sell this for less than 20 bucks.
Wireless Tekken Stick Xbox 360 - Also from the Tekken Limited edition. I only used it to play Live a bit but I don’t really play on 360 anymore so yeah.
Nintendo NES Original Model - I have an extra nintendo just chillin my room. It works and has all the cables and one controller.

Well I think that’s everything for now. Like I said I’d rather sell this stuff to you guys then random people on Ebay so shoot me some offers over pm or on aim Valei09.

A DSi XL for $100? Nice…

I Just bought the tickets. Its at the regal theatre on transit

Sooooo I’m going to sign a lease tonight, moving into a house on Pine park road on the edge of buffalo/cheektowaga…Will be able to host games there at some point in the future once I get moved in and everything situated. Moving in w/ a friend from pharmacy school. Figured I’d update everyone since I’ve been MIA so long…5 days til boards are over…

tony make sure you guys set some guide lines and rules before you move in. moving in with a friend can seem like the greatest thing in the world but ive seen it blow up and ruin friendships

Haha yeah, we’re both chill but we have talked some things over already so it should be all good. Now I just gotta sink some $$ into living room furniture/a kitchen table+chairs and it’ll be all good. Just can’t wait to get this damn exam over with so I can focus on things that are not so life-draining :expressionless:

It even has a 3rd bedroom that we won’t be using…I gotta scope it out and see if I can’t make it into a gaming room. Pretty excited as I’ve been at home since conception…and while my parents are awesome, it’ll be fun to finally get out.

^ ain’t wastin no time at all… lol

hi. i’m new to the figher community and i recently became interested in MK9. I posted in the utica thread but I’m looking for people to practice with online/locally/etc. where do you travel and how often are things held? i have some experience in fighters (…if smash counts) but nothing else, so i’m up to practice frequently. i play mk9 every day and i’d like to play more people local to the ny area.


Irenic, welcome- if you wanna hit us up online our gamertags are on the first post. If you wanna meet up keep tabs on this thread, we constantly post our plans for games on weekends.

Jug, so I haven’t heard from you about what you plan to do while Kyle and I go to a concert? You plan to stick at the venue and play casuals till we done?

Dan- same as jug, what is your plan man?

Phil said he doesn’t wanna go, so all 3 of you, if you are planning to ride with me, need to figure out something to kill 3-4 hrs in TO with (not that it’s hard) I just don’t want any last minute confusion.

Hello, everyone! This is Zach, former president of DDR Club and whatnot. I registered a new user name so that I could have better naming consistency between my various accounts online. I have just noticed that Play N Trade is having another Mortal Kombat 9 tournament on Wednesday, July 27. I don’t know when you guys are all leaving for Evo, but if you’re going to play MK9 there and you’re still in town that night it might be a good idea to stop by to get in some matches in. Also, if you guys don’t show up they probably won’t get enough attendance to justify having another one! Here’s the link to the Facebook event with all the information: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=175246722539446

Hello! I also play MK9 frequently. If you have XBox Live, add me to your friends list (tag: LuciusAxelrod) and send me a match invite whenever you see me online.