Buffalo, NY- We drink tears as liquid refreshment

Matt- sadly all of our ‘present’ marvel players showed yesterday, a lot of people are out of town for the summer. Better numbers should resume all around for the fall semester.

How about some 3D love? I’d like to see a Tekken 6 tourney or Calibur 4 tourney to see if we can fish out any players in the area I don’t already know. Or maybe a Tekken Tag HD tourney for the release of Tekken Hybrid? If you have low turn outs, you only have to do it once.

I was tellin Tony P about this last night, but yeah they could run AE tournies as long as you guys can bring consoles. Might be a good place for games during the week, if not Saturdays then another night. Dunno how attached you guys are to UB campus, lol. I figured you just go there because it’s public and free. But this place, no fighting the anime/LARP crowds for space and TVs. You know how much those LARPers freak me out anyway, just got a full body shiver thinkin about it lol.

But yeah big TVs in place already, and no stupid fucking LARPers. I’m down to switch.

Good game to you, too. =)

A small crowd was actually fine with me. Helped me break in and get in some more practice, since it was just a cycle between three people.

Next time I arrive at UB, I’m definitely staying longer. I need to get used to offline play and work on landing my combos. I didn’t expect to play that badly going from online to offline like that, lol. There’s lots of practice that I need to do.

good to hear you will be back unknown. hope to play you again soon, the better you get the better we all will get.

I completely forgot how to play akuma. good lord

GET IN THERE BUFFALO. BRING OTHERS TOO :slight_smile: OHHH a Buffalo play-n-trade tourney… I might have to come down.

Holy shit my computer can’t even handle SRK. Took like 2 minutes for it to load the quick reply box.

Does anyone know how long it takes to get an enhanced license? I know it’s at least a little faster than a passport, but if I do it early this week, would I have it in time for the Canada tourney?


think ima make it out to tuesday games this week.

to continue the “joe might show up” running joke, i might show up on tuesday 'cause i’m leaving buffalo on wednesday.

Joe, why are you so terrible?

OH, I’ll give you a lesson or two :wink:

I DARE you to show up, Joe.

^ this

Hey guys. Sorry about my infrequentness. Its ramadan so Im not doing much gaming this month. In fact none. I came home from evo and my 360 was disconnected from my tv and I just didnt feel like reconnecting it. I havent had much ambition to play lately. It might be the fasting. It takes alot out of you. Rest assured I shall be around soon and wont be missing a single link when I show up.

BTW. If anyone is interested in watching, I uploaded my fight with JR. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuzP-j-OYTs Have a look see.

hey guys i live in medina… no one play fighters here. so i was thinking about coming up to this some weekend to check it out. someone wanna help me out with directions, times, and all that?

@ iburntthetoast- welcome.

yea my sig has all that you asked for in terms of time and location. to get to UB, I assume you are coming from the 90 West, you just take that until the tolls, then merge right onto the 290, go up to Millersport (2 exits away), on Millersport take the first left at light (cuts through a hotel/plaza area). This is Flint Rd. You take it directly into campus and keep going till you hit Augsberger. Make a right on Augspurger and make the first left into a group of parking lots called Jacobs lot. From there walk directly towards campus and past the first few bldgs across an access road you will see Baldy Hall. We play right in the lobby area, can’t miss us.

hope to see ya around.

As we found out this past weekend also, most of us aren’t gonna show up at 2pm, lol. More like 6ish.

The times vary for Saturdays. During the summer we have less people and a lot of people don’t show up till 5-6, but some of us are indeed there at 2. What games you play toast?

bb mainly, so many hours of my life lost to that game. but i did pick up a copy of ae recently :smiley: but the only character i like is c viper. so it looks like im going to have to go pick up a fightstick as well… trying do consistently do all her cancel stuff on pad is like… have you ever tied a rubber band to your balls? its like that.