Buffalo, NY- We drink tears as liquid refreshment

Ahh the famous Noonie special :stuck_out_tongue: (EX messiah FADC snake strike). Good shit on taking first Jug.
Btw, who took first in KOF and 3S?

No i did the ex messiah fadc and landed the ultra in the first match. Its just in the last match I did a standing roundhouse, which as you know launches the opponent in the air, and missed the ultra then. I was very surprised because I never miss that but ahh well. It happens.

I Sell Crack … I Don’t Sell Myself

Stringer Bell has something to say.

Thanks Troll I Felt Loved … LOL … SitYoAssDown…

Jug- what games is rochester hosting?

Some nobodies, lol. Nobody was good in either game. You would have won KoF easily if you were there.

Wow really lmao. I have 3 hours into that game and I was rapping you homie. No one in upstate was beating Jose at that game dude has gone to three tournies and a major and has placed well each time. Give respect when needed. Shout outs to blaming every stick you played on. Good day.

Good shit to the rest of the buffalo crew that showed, was great running into you guys again. Hopefully more in the future as well.

@jug- really the sak player gave you trouble? I played him in casuals and he could not block crossups to save his life.

Nice to see you guys in Upstate this weekend. Looking forward to seeing more of you guys for SCV!

I give respect too all the players I play. Don’t care if you don’t consider me good, but good games. Glad that Buffalo is playing KOF 13. Hopefully we’ll play more in the future.

You don’t get it crossed, Kowtow speaks for himself. The guy who took first clearly would have beaten anyone else there no problems (and anyone from Buffalo currently), he knew the game well and had solid execution on HD cancels. Props to him… Cmonster, haha, I’m gonna get you next time son! Psychoballs will haunt you in your sleep! Good Yuri though, sucks to lose that Mirror twice :frowning:

Good matches to everyone though in KoF, If everyone there called me the most annoying Athena ever, then that means I was doing it right!

Thanks for the props Chacha, your Athena looked real annoying. Keep Athena annoying lol and I also request more command throws shenanigans.

Let me know when your boy wins a tourney that isn’t full of scrubs.

Wait wait are you calling yourself a scrub?

Your the most unsportsmanlike player ive ever met in the fighting game community. Its not as bad as that hole in the wall you punched at that pizza hut tourney 3 years ago when you got bodied by damus in soul calibur, but your ass and get mad because your ass. Take a deep breath and have fun homie, less chance of a heart attack in your near future.

None of us said that he was the best in the world but he is def one of the best kof players in upstate ny. He did tie for 9th at nec and only lost to known players. Stay free Kowtow

Eltro getting nasty on 'em.

Absolutely, I’m awful at KoF. So was just about everyone else there. Jose was like, aiight. He knew some basics.

Also Damus beat me at BlazBlue, and I was mad about someone else trying to get into a fight with me over some non game related shit. I got no problem with Damus. You don’t know me, so just get out of our thread.

chacha - so far… by word of mouth, they are hosting MVC3 and SF4… I heard this from damus.

cmonster - YES HE DID! I guess Sakura really is a bad match up for Guy like they say, besides I can’t jump in on her for nothin! cr.hp destroys everything …

Yea just mad that I missed my chance to play you in winners finals. All I had to do was win against the Adon player, not a matchup im fond of either.