Buffalo, NY- We drink tears as liquid refreshment

Yeah I’m not gonna lie man, this game is lookin kinda hot now. I’ll at least Gamefly it and try out the Tekken characters. I can’t afford to spend any money on games though, so I dunno that I can really stick with it.

I have to agree. I’m sitting here watching Cross Assault, and damn…

where the heck are the UB players? Is it midterms or something?

Games at my apt tonight…text me if you want address. I have one setup in my room and we have a vacant tv in the living room but do not have a console for it.

Shooting for 8pm-??? Im off tomorrow so you can stay as late as you want

Would anyone be down for some Calibur there? I haven’t been to Tony’s new place yet so I kinda want to check it out.

Cha (and Dan), found someone who dual mods FightPads

Andy Gummo is a good dude, he was who worked on my broke stick at WinterBrawl and helped me determine what died in it, and offered to wire it up for me so it works until i replace my pcb. I’d trust him with that for sure.

Huh, ok then

Yeah, at least for it was for me. A few of us will be there Saturday, hope to see everyone there. Probably won’t be able to make it in time for the SC5 tourney though.

I’ve finally found an umvc3 team worth sticking to, Haggar/Doom/Wesker. Piss easy, one touch kills off of anything? Yep. And if something goes wrong, you always have Dark wesker to back you up.

@Jug- Why does it say that your signature was changed by a moderator? o.o

Speaking of the tournament, Matt, should I bring my copy?

yes it is mid terms ]=

Been a little busy with school and some somewhat major LoL stuff… Though I’ve been doing random Patsuka stuff in training room in my spare time. I should be there this Saturday if I get work done.

Most likely four line limit rule.

well damn, i hope we still have 8 for SC5 ;/ If I knew it was school crazy time for everyone I woulda rescheduled it.

You like alpha too? If I didn’t get inexplicably attached to omega, I might have mained him as well.

Look at what you guys are missing by not watching the worst reality show: [media=youtube]Kc6JEBs_xTU[/media]

Oh, I’ve been watching it when I can.

Dr. Sub is apparently not nearly as salty as he’s letting on there. His twitter:
“I’m honestly going to do my best to support my team. My “Salt Mine” interview was a mega-trolling opportunity that I couldn’t resist. ;)”

I had to laugh at everyone goin on about what an asshole Rockefeller was being, that’s why we love him after all.

Also Tony asked me to post this.

Can’t make PnT today, but I’m in for the Toronto tourney tomorrow.

GGs to all I played at pnt today.