Buffalo, NY- We drink tears as liquid refreshment

Jug, you exited yet?

Wait, so who all is coming? I need your guys’ plan.

I’ll be drivin up to your house around 5 ish. I’ll be the car pool guy if you guys (who ever tryna go) wants to wait till then

Jug man answer your texts lol, I’ve been tryin to ask you that. Let me know where we’re meeting up, I think my spot is pretty much on the way to Alden so that might be a better bet for whoever needs to meet up.

My phone is being a piece of shit and not receiving texts again, Jug CALL me if you get this, don’t text call me. I won’t get your message if you text me. Tony texted me like three times already I guess, and I never got any of them.

Wassup guys…just joined!!! My PSN:

I’m trying to get into MK9…I need practice lol

are you a local jtroung? do you want to play offline ever?


Yea I live in Buffalo (well…Depew), but idk where go to for these offline matches lol

well if you read the thread, you will see we meet up many places and travel to many tournaments. Normally we meet at UB on saturdays in Baldy Hall lobby and play games there all day, you are welcome to join. Just check this thread as to what dates we will be there (sometimes we are away for tournies and what not) and of course ask questions and get to know ppl here as well.

First step to getting better is not playing online :slight_smile:

Yo someone take this PLEASE

^ my mario cart days are over… havn’t even touched that game in 10+ yrs… lololololol

It’s a young man’s game.

Lol the shortcut on Rainbow Road…

lol SNAKING, fuck a shortcut. Mario Kart is godlike though, as long as it isn’t all about the snaking glitch.

Tomorrow Taste of Buffalo shuts down at 7pm. Jug was talkin about goin like 3-4pm, that should give us plenty of time. Tony G, let me know what time you think you’re gonna get up here, you can park up by my place and ride with me to save yourself some miles. Jug could probably walk there if he was in a walking mood, lol. Anyone else that’s interested, post up or CALL my phone, since it still hasn’t received all those texts I got sent.

I guess I should post this here too.

danni is gonna win that tourney, i hope.

Figured this was an appropriate venue to post this video… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-tNUur2YoU

9 days til boards and I can resume a normal life. Wahoo.

This is true. This is why I attempt to go to UB.

On another note, my PS3 is fixed and back on my desk. Thanks for telling us about Oogie, Cha, even if it isn’t accessible.

EDIT: I spoke too soon.

My PS3 Slim is not reading (or recognizing) Blu-Ray discs. DVD movies play fine, but Blu-Rays are not being recognized. I put the disc in, the system tries to read it, then the disc drive whirls like it’s taking in or ejecting the disc, but it doesn’t eject it

Andy: just call them back and let them know, they will eventually get it right and prolly wont charge you to re-fix it.

Tony: thanks for the vid, highly entertaining

so how did missasauga go mateys?

Dan did ok in SF. I did ok in marvel. The heat did ok on us. Enough said.