Buffalo, NY- We drink tears as liquid refreshment

Sooooo I’m going to sign a lease tonight, moving into a house on Pine park road on the edge of buffalo/cheektowaga…Will be able to host games there at some point in the future once I get moved in and everything situated. Moving in w/ a friend from pharmacy school. Figured I’d update everyone since I’ve been MIA so long…5 days til boards are over…

tony make sure you guys set some guide lines and rules before you move in. moving in with a friend can seem like the greatest thing in the world but ive seen it blow up and ruin friendships

Haha yeah, we’re both chill but we have talked some things over already so it should be all good. Now I just gotta sink some $$ into living room furniture/a kitchen table+chairs and it’ll be all good. Just can’t wait to get this damn exam over with so I can focus on things that are not so life-draining :expressionless:

It even has a 3rd bedroom that we won’t be using…I gotta scope it out and see if I can’t make it into a gaming room. Pretty excited as I’ve been at home since conception…and while my parents are awesome, it’ll be fun to finally get out.

^ ain’t wastin no time at all… lol

hi. i’m new to the figher community and i recently became interested in MK9. I posted in the utica thread but I’m looking for people to practice with online/locally/etc. where do you travel and how often are things held? i have some experience in fighters (…if smash counts) but nothing else, so i’m up to practice frequently. i play mk9 every day and i’d like to play more people local to the ny area.


Irenic, welcome- if you wanna hit us up online our gamertags are on the first post. If you wanna meet up keep tabs on this thread, we constantly post our plans for games on weekends.

Jug, so I haven’t heard from you about what you plan to do while Kyle and I go to a concert? You plan to stick at the venue and play casuals till we done?

Dan- same as jug, what is your plan man?

Phil said he doesn’t wanna go, so all 3 of you, if you are planning to ride with me, need to figure out something to kill 3-4 hrs in TO with (not that it’s hard) I just don’t want any last minute confusion.

Hello, everyone! This is Zach, former president of DDR Club and whatnot. I registered a new user name so that I could have better naming consistency between my various accounts online. I have just noticed that Play N Trade is having another Mortal Kombat 9 tournament on Wednesday, July 27. I don’t know when you guys are all leaving for Evo, but if you’re going to play MK9 there and you’re still in town that night it might be a good idea to stop by to get in some matches in. Also, if you guys don’t show up they probably won’t get enough attendance to justify having another one! Here’s the link to the Facebook event with all the information: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=175246722539446

Hello! I also play MK9 frequently. If you have XBox Live, add me to your friends list (tag: LuciusAxelrod) and send me a match invite whenever you see me online.

Zach, you live close, you wanna play MK offline sometime soon? I’m willing to come out to you if coming to me is a problem. I’d love some Sektor practice.

Dang, a Buffalo thread? Nice! I grew up in Buffalo (well AROUND anyway) and live in Nashville now, but when I come back, it’d be awesome to get in a few games. I play Third Strike, Guilty Gear, some BlazBlue and some SF4 and I’m willing to give pretty much anything a shot. My bro still lives around there and plays a lot of SF4 and some Marvel. Like I said, next time I’m home, maybe I’ll hit you guys up and see if anyone wants to get in a few games. Keep the Beef On Weck alive!

Yo. I guess I don’t know or care? What’s jug down for? That will help me make my decision.

Welcome! Quite a few of us started out playing smash (myself included), it’s a pretty easy transition asthere are many similar elements between smash and other fighting games.

@ zack and other MK players apperently Oogie games (a local gamestore) hosts a MK tournament every monday at their one store. Details are on their facebook. You guys should send someone out to take their money+ see if there’s any good competition. Although I think the prize is in store credit… so it’s probably not advised that everyone goes.

@DoctaMario We have players who play all of those games, you’re welcome to get some games in whenever you come to the area. I look forward to playing you.

Mmmmm… fresh meat?

Hi all, Im Ric from Arcade NY and ive been looking for a scene here in WNY and looks like i finally found one. I currently play MK9.

whats up bros, I wish i had been less of a ghost so I knew about the Toronto thing. But this summer has been kind of a haze lol. I’m still going to evo, so I want to grind hard now. If you see me on live please hit me up for games I’ll prolly be in ranked or netflix. Also if someone wants to teach me how to suck less at marvel I would be grateful. What days do you think games will happen next week?

Hey ric- nice to meet you. As you can see we have quite a few MK players here, I’m sure you’ll get the chance to play some of us soon enough. Once the summer tournaments start to subside and the universty players come back from break, there will be a lot more talk about gaming sessions. However, there are still gatherings on most Saturdays, check the boards often for info :slight_smile:

Remy- How to get better at marvel? Just pick wolverine and phoenix ;). Online for marvel is shit or I would help you.

@akazukin chacha: thanks. I’ll be sending sporadic invites/whatever as time progresses. i’m using someone else’s account and i’m not sure how he’d feel about “arbitrary” names being added to his account.

@Lucius: thanks. i’m interested in attending the tourny, but no promises.

@diaphone: mk9 is my first fighter. i don’t really think smash fits the rest of the criteria for fighters since it’s so dynamic, but that must be what makes it so awesome.

also, i’m in syracuse - so i don’t know if i’m can attend many Buff tournies. i’ll go to what i can, though. :]

we need moar s4 players damn!! :stuck_out_tongue:

What time are we meeting up tomorrow and where?

I’ll play with you

omg its remy where the fuck have you been?, we live so close we need to play more.

ric thats pretty cool you’re from arcade, i use to work out that way on the windmills for ge. i prolly live the closets to you compared to everyone else so hit me up if you wanna get some games in. im going to az then evo then next coupls weeks so i wont be home for a while but yeah hit me up