Buffalo USB pad: $6, common ground and easy to solder

Hello everyone,

This is my first post on the forum so I thought I would try to ad something relevant. I live in Tokyo, Japan and the other day I decided to build my own joystick so I went browsing around Akihabara and picked up some Sanwa parts and then realized I would need an interface. I’ve heard of pad hacking before but have never done it so I just took a shot in the dark with some of the super cheap controllers being sold in the various shops. The controller I picked up is labeled as a “Buffalo” pad for PS/PC use. It was being sold in multiple shops for 500yen, which I think is around $6 at the current exchange rate.

I took it home and without ever doing a padhack before I had everything up and running in no time. The pad is common ground and has very clear soldering points that are even labeled in English.

PCB after I had already wired it up.


What the face of the controller looks like:


Video of it action inside a little test rig I made up. Sorry but I made the video as sort of a vlog for friends back home so there is a little unnecessary background info that I’m sure most of you are already well aware of when it comes to arcade sticks:

I’m not sure if you can get this pad easily in the U.S. but I thought I would just give people a heads up so they could at least look for it.

Nice trying out something new PCB wise., as in not many people tried to use the same controller you just did.
And finally a new member that knows how to solder and use a multi-meter before hand
Not a bad write up and vlog.

Like to see how the finished stick would look like.

I liked the backstory as well - that he’s just strolling around Akihabara. I imagine him grabbing a strawberry or cowball while he’s at it. I am having a hard time finding this controller online.