Buffer/cancelling troubles

  1. Super cancelling out of a combo for me is a tricky and inconsistent ordeal. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. Do you guys have any tips on how I can reliably pull it off? Speed and practice, I expect, are going to be some spam-answers…but what about the other methods?

  2. On a more character-specific level, I have a weird problem with one of Geese’s combos:

c.wp, c.fp XX qcb+wk

On the last input, the 3 hit autocombo is supposed to come out…but for me double reppuken comes out :confused: Why is that?

Thanks in advance!

its because u pressed fp… its like with blanka just an example::::

c.mk while charging back and u try to press forward+punch but u get the charge back, forward+kick move… its negative edge: meaning it sees it as 2 inputs to say it quite easily…

anywho: the trick is to hold the fierce down and do the rest, it should work :slight_smile:

Actually, I hold down my first imput…so if I’m doing the Blanka thing…I’d press c. mk, hold mk…then forward fierce…

Check out James Chen’s systems/combo guide on gamefaqs.

this is how i super i’ll give you example characters

K-Ryu c.lk, c.lk,(hold lk) qcfx2 mash ALL Ps with 3 fingers, qcfx2, mash all Ps.

C-chunli, c.lp ,c.lp,c.mp (hold MP) mash mk, qcfx2,qcfx2.

and combos have a rhythm to it. playing Fighters is like playin an instrument. you should think of doing combos as playing instruments. that help me do combos and stuff.

And if i were you, i’d be much more softer on your joystick and pressing buttons. it helped me do combos.

I think there might be two problems with how you’re doing the Geese combo.

  1. I think the motion for the 3-hit thing is HCB LK not QCB (probably a typo on your part)

2.If you’re getting a double repuken, you must be rolling QCF in to get to F position before trying to roll back to a HCB. Try instead to press c.LP, c.HP let the stick touch neutral and then do the HCB LK.

Generally cancels are not that difficult if you get the concept of buffering. Buffering is simply using the the animation frames of one move to get a “head start” on the input you want. So for the classic shoto c.MK -> Hadouken you are doing D, DF while you press c.MK then finish with F plus punch.

One problem with buffering is that there are times where motions overlap. So you want a shinkuu hadouken (QCF x 2) off a c.HP, you must somehow tell the computer to “hold off” executing the first QCF until otherwise you may get a regular hadouken.
A way around this is the “negative edge”.

In Capcom games you can execute a special by inputting a command and then pressing a button OR hold down a desired button first and then input the command and then let go of that button. Using the second method we can avoid unwanted specials.

example, say you want a lv 2 shinkuu off a c.HP. 1 hold down MP then press c.HP and hold c.HP. 2. do QCF x 2 and let go of MP.

It’s tricky. Takes practice. When cancelling AVOID mashing, try to get the timing instead. This way after time you will be able to recognize the parts of the animation that are cancelable and when it ends. This is very helpful when doing links and “hit checking” then doing a super.

But if you’re new at canceling to super first practice with characters that have normals that can be cancelled into supers but not specials, e.g., Sakura’s c.MK and practice buffering into supers that way. Then move on to standard “cancelable” normals.

Hope this helps.