Buffer input + wake-up option select

I was hesitating about making a thread in sagat sub-thread or sf4 general thread as it doesnt only apply to him.
This may be old to some but sf4 system allows u to buffer direction inputs and validate almost 1/2 secs later with a punch or kick.U can do for example 323 (wait , or walk) then press punch half second later and u will get a srk.Now i thought about using it for dealing about ambiguous mixups and crossup like can do gouki , viper etc…

There is 2 ways of punishing a crossup :
1)hcb punch when the opponent is switching side
2)323 (wait) then punch the last moment ,the dp will go the right side with auto correct

A char like akuma can mixup beetween crossups and safe jumps in like j.hk that will make your tu whiff if u try to antiair him.
The idea is to have an option select that blocks if he does a safe jump-in and tu the other side if he does jump tatsu or anything slower than a safe jump.

The input is 323 4(hold) delayed p.
The input will be different depending the opponent’s options on jump in .
Ill try to record some vids to illustrate later.

thank you muchly.
This will go dirextly under my hat, to be applyed once I can peal myself away from tekken

Aye this will help greatly thnx Alioune

Well, despite this being common knowledge, I’m glad you created this thread. This will help with all those annoying cross-ups. Much appreciated Alioune.

With this knowledge, I have a question about option selects.

I’m reading the option select section in the ST article on the SRK wiki, and my question is regarding the example with Ryu’s safe reversal. Is this possible with Sagat in SF4?

U mean against meaty ? Well u dont really need option select to guarantee a reversal in sf4 since the buffer window is pretty big and reversal are easy but yeah u can do 323 lp~mp~hp in sf4 and other sf etc… if thats what u mean.

Concerning my OP,the only case that could counter the combination of option selct + buffer was an empty jump.Like gouki does an empty jump just infront of me then does nothing or delay a throw.

I think i resolved half the problem against the empty jump +delayed throw by doing this:
Kick has priority over Punch , so if u press lp+lk it will give u a lk.
Focus has priority over normal. A 236 mp+mk will give u focus .
By using jump cancel , u can bypass focus priority :If u do 2369 mk+mp , it will give u 236 mk.

Finally there is some sort of priority beetween specials:
Like 3239 Mk+Mp should normally give u a 323 mk , but for some reasons it gives u a 323 mp .

Now by doing 323 then 47 lp+lk ,if the opponent tries to jump baiting for an uppercut , then delay a throw , this command wil actually make u tech the throw . The only time where it doesnt work is when the opponent does an empty jump and does nothing at all as a poke will also get stuffed by uppercut.
So it will punish crossup , block safe jump in , beat empty jump+poke and tech empty jump+delayed throw

I think im not clear at all hahaha , ill edit later .:nunchuck:

Let me see if I have this correct. :df::d::df:~:l::ub::lp:+:lk: or is it one fluid motion like :df::d::df::l::ub: than lp and lk?

This is crazy good, time to practice

Yes its not crazy good yet , i have to think about empty jump , and block lol

ahh yes, I must have miss read it when you posted. Lol I was thinking to my self, man it does all that!?

Well ,on the other hand , if the opponent times his jump for a safe jump , he cant do jump tatsu crossup and mixup and u dont necessarly have to do it in that case etc… so yeah its crazy good :lol:

This actually had me confused for mad long. I rest my massive thumb on D/DB and hold it there during a cross-up. Upon my attempt to punish the cross up attempt with a punch, I’ll TU randomly, and miss entirely. This happened so damn frequently that I retorted to using LP TU’s on cross-ups exclusively. I’ve since learned about option selects; but, again I’m disappointed with Capcom for ‘failing to mention’ key things like this. I mean seriously…

Thanks a bunch for the info but I’m having troubling understanding the numeric terms i.e. 323 here. Can someone shed some more light on this?

Would definitely want to give this one a go.

323 = fwd down fwd like the number pad on your keyboard. The one with the arrows on it.

I wouldn’t have had a clue if I had read the manual and came across option select. I would have thought it’d be something significant as a focus attack or a special move or an Ultra.

Yeah it’s an important part of the game but not as eye catching/simple enough for the scrub reading the manual.

Guess they left it to the experts to find out eh. I know what you mean though so it’s not a dig at ya.


I got raped by Zak’s Akuma at the arcade so I will try to find as much with dealing with his mix ups. By far Sagat’s toughest matchup so I’m gonna work on this.

As well as that, there’s a way to reverse his perfectly timed dive kick; a late LP srk from crouch apparently.

I will try these out in training mode (as well as kara shots - these are the next things i need to learn!). Thanks to Alioune. :tup:

So, all I have to do to auto-correct vs meaties is 323+jap~strong~fierce and it will go the right way? nice. I don’t do this but I will start workin’ it in. Thanks for the info sensei!

The delay lp uppercut will only work when they press kick after demon flip straight away after setups like throw dash dash demon or sweep demon. Akuma’s can delay the demon flip kick so that it will hit the back of peoples hit boxes. That means even the delay lp uppercut won’t work.

Also - offtopic but who are you? I don’t know of any other Sagats at casino.

lol i was wondering the same thing.

thanks for posting this info.