Buffering 720's

I feel this kind of question would best go here, in the Saikyo Dojo.

I started seriously maining grappler characters in fighting games about a year ago. I like getting close and doing unblockable throws for BIG SOVIET DAMAGE. I mastered buffering 360’s from here to Thursday.

720’s, however, are another story.
I can do it fine in BlazBlue with Tager. 5B, buffer 720, BAM!

I can only do it in SF games on the ground if I dash cancel a successful focus attack, or I use it as a reversal after being knocked down or while blocking.

I used to be able to buffer 720’s with a decent success rate after a tick normal like LP or something, but lately, I’ve been playing a multitude of games, and I kinda lost my magic.

Specifically, I’d like to know the best 720 buffers/setups using:
T. Hawk

Also, jumping into 720’s is old, and is asking to eat a DP/ultra/loss.

jab/short or dash lik you mentioned.

Anything where you push the button, then spin the stick, and then push more buttons is a legitimate 720 setup.