Buffering/Canceling crouch moves into Rising Jaguar

Yeah, this is probably old news (and/or utterly obvious and “goes without saying”) to 99% of you guys, and if so I apologize for wasting your time.

I myself, however, being the scrublord that I am, did not know this and so, upon learning it, thought I would share it in case it proved helpful to anyone (I know it did for me)

I was having no trouble at all canceling standing moves into RJ… easy as cake… crouching moves, however, were a pain. To the point where I might get it out once in ten attempts even in training mode (and a lot of that is my own poor execution, not that it’s a particularly impossible cancel to do).

Then I was told I could buffer the forward part of the DP motion before the crouch move.

Mind! Blown! It works and after about 2 minutes practicing it, I can pull it off reliably.

If what I said so far hasn’t already made it clear, here’s the breakdown.

What I was trying before:
crouching move and then quickly cancel into RJ… so Down+M.K - Towards - Down - Downtowards+Kick

What I’m doing now:
Towards - Down+M.K - Downtowards+Kick

Like I said, old news to most of you guys, but a real revelation for me so just thought I’d throw it out there and hopefully someone will find it helpful.

you can also do df+lk, d, df + lk and your cr.lk will cancel int lk.rj. It’s better to do this because you stay crouching while the move comes out which means you can punish such things like spin kicks

jacob, i do not think what you are doing is the most practical way to do it, sometimes you need to do multiple crouch moves for hit confirm to RJ combos…

just do what K.V.988 said, hold df+lp/lk/mk and quickly move to d, then df+lk for rj cancel…

Can you elaborate a bit more on this please?

Going to address both points as I don’t know which point (if not both) you are referring to. What I think he is saying is this:

You need to do more than one move (crouched in this case) to hit confirm before going for a RJ. At least two, because it will take you a second or two for it to register that you are connecting with the opponent. So for instance, you will need to do cr LP, cr LP before going for a RJ. If your string is blocked, then you go for a throw. If you don’t hit confirm, then you run the risk of doing a blocked RJ which is unsafe on block and very punishable.

The second point is just saying that you could do:

  1. df + LP, d, df + LK (cancels into RJ)
  2. df + LK, d, df + LK (cancels into RJ)
  3. df + MK, d, df + LK (cancels into RJ)

However, if I’m not mistaken the above is a one hit confirm. To make it two, you would have to do: df + LP, df + LP, d, df + LK (cancels into RJ)