Buffering ES outta Standing MP

Okay I understand how buffering works, and can buffer Electric snake when preforming standing MP… but for the life of me I cannot nail it when it comes to
buffering while preforming Necros target combo, or Back RH, Standing MP…? Any tips? Or is this just way difficult on a pad?

i think you can use negative edge for this but is very easy
if that not work you can use b.round house c.short xxsa3 is more easy cancel and link

Well standing Strong is a link so you can hit confirm it.

Back strong you can hit confirm.

Eh? Buffering the Standing :mp: into SA III is easy as pie, just here’s how I do it at least:
:qcf:, press :mp:, :qcf:+:p:
Just press :mp: during the first :qcf:

but what about b+lk , s. mp xx saIII?

i think only practice

^Yeah I tend to have a tough time pulling it off :confused:

Yes, just practice practice practice. And don’t forget the negative edge that Coreografo mentioned in the beginning! While buffering the motion, drum those fucking buttons if you see it’s a hit! Usually, when I notice that my links don’t lead to supers I find that I just press a single P-button (2 hits) and that’s the problem. You need to drum at least three (6 hits!) of them for a perfect result. Don’t you forget that!

wait so you mean to say that b. lk > s.mp xx el snake is a link? THis whole time I thought you cancel it, holy crap.

It IS a cancel.


I <3 the way Niles Slam Dances to prevent EX CBKs :smiley:

Also if you can while playing necro drum from left to right, because if you mess up it only does a weak tornado hook instead of the fierce…I had a problem with that because i would drum from right to left and every once in a while i would leave myself completely open and get owned because i missed the super and just did a fierce tornado hook. That sucks :[

I realize this thread is OLLLLLLLLLD, but I like to mention my own weird buffering techniques for anyone interested.

I notice that ppl talk a lot about focusing on the buttons, such as drumming or negative edge, and one guy–from whom I just read–mentioned pressing the buttons between the 2 SA rotations, which is the mid-motion technique, but for ME, sometimes the problem seems to lie with the JOYSTICK itself.

I feel I’m evenly dexterous on both sides, and I have trouble doing smooth rotations quickly. This tends to depend upon the normal from which I cancel or link, in terms of whether it’s a standing or crouching attack, and partially depends on whether I teach myself new techniques that obscure my prior memory of old buffering techniques.

I think I mentioned these in a much longer thread, but now that I’ve seen this SPECIFIC thread, I’d like to address a few specific normals I value a lot, in turn.

  1. st.mp XX SAI/III: after I connect the st.mp (off a corner grab or by itself), I press TOWARDS/forward on the joystick, and then quickly hold down and do ATTEMPT a dp/srk attack. You’d think I would get a denpa, but that NEVER happens for me. Since I don’t return the joystick to neutral, when I press from forward on the stick and go to straight down, it counts as 1 rotation, and attempting a dp attack counts as the 2nd rotation. The only problem I have sometimes is LESS responsive joysticks that require pressing forward harder on the stick, and a friend assures me that it’s not being too hard on the joystick :PHEW!:

  2. db+hp XX SAI: you might think doing a qcFx2 rotation would be hard from a dB normal, and because you seldom have to cancel into a qcf rotation from a db normal, but this is actually EASIER for me and I get this virtually 100% of the time, and now more easily than the cancel/link of 1). I simply connect the db+hp, then hold STRAIGHT down again, and do a dp/srk attack AGAIN! :smiley: The difference is that you seem to have more time to connect the SAI, and I try to make sure the SAI connects deep(-ly).

  3. b+mp OR b+mk XX SAI/III: I do basically the same thing as for 1) because it’s a standing cancel again (or link, here), but I’m starting to feel like b+mk is useless (?) when you can just do b+mp, and if you get the wrong normal, you can still connect from st.mp, in the case of that button. B+mp just seems easier in its own right, anyway. I feel like b+mk has to be done faster, but in the case of b+mp, I DON’T have to hold forward on the stick: I sometimes let the stick rest in neutral for a split second, and then do the qcf rotation. It’s much harder for me to explain but the pause helps with the timing. It’s REALLY hard to tell whether you get more hits and/or more damage from b+mk/b+mp XX SAI as AA when you cancel it, as opposed to doing it as a reset, but when I have meter to burn and want to keep an HP advantage/gap, I don’t worry whether it cancels or comes out late as a reset: it’s easier/slower but sloppier this way, and I try to cancel it every time if the b+mp/-mk connects, unless I think the player will fall for a Snake Fang upon landing w/o having the option of an SA/EX reversal for any poke or special I stick out at them.

I may need to edit this soon, but I’ll see…:slight_smile: