Buffering SA2 in multiple c.mk pokes

It’s less of a problem for me to buffer SA2 into c.mk if I am concentrating on it, but if I am using c.mk as a poke and trying to buffer each one, it seems that occasionally I will super by mistake. Any tips with dealing this? I’m looking for the best button inputs to do rapid fire c.mks, buffering SA2 into each.

I find buffering a single QCF is all that’s needed. You have plenty of time for the second if you see it hit.

i find mk into qcf a hassel for anything i need to follow it up by, i usually just do it visually. [hcf x 2]
Its more likley i mk, sa2, an already blocked person than mk, and miss an sa2 to a later block

make sure you only roll the qcf after you hit mk. i was getting some accidental supers (non linked out of the blue) from that yesterday actually and i realized it was because i would start the roll before i hit MK.
you also DO have time to input both qcfs upon seeing the hit so you can do that if you aren’t feeling sure about the other method during any particular match.

however i DO think that buffering is better, but just know your options are open.