Buffering / Shortcuts


After watching some videos, it seems that there is a way, in some cases, to basically shortcut certain moves. Is there some sort of master list of such substitutions? I’ve Googled, I’ve searched, I’ve come up with nothing. It seems that it would be a really useful topic.


They’re all in the sticky

For specific ones, it’s easier to go to character specific threads because they know all about their character.


I’m with you Shot, even after viewing those threads and the many stickies along the character specific subforums I find nothing.



DP: Any Forward, Any Downward, Any Forward
Reverse DP: Any Backward, Any Downward, Any Backward
SPD: 3 opposing cardinal directions in any order (Up, Down, Left, Right **or **Up-Forward, Up-Back, Down-Forward, Down-Back), plus one “Any” (Absolute or Diagonal) of the omitted cardinal direction.
QCFx2: :d::df::d::df::f:
HCB: Any Forward, Any Downward, Back. Exceptions being Jaguar Tooth and a couple others, which require “Forward, Down, Back”.
HCF: Any Backward, Any Downward, Forward.


Excellent, appreciated.