I just downloaded the REMY tutorial video

what? i still don’t understand buffering

and someone explain please?


hmm, i noticed nobody responded. While i’m normally a dudley player, i know a few people who use remy and do the charge buffering with relative ease. Anyway, the basic way to explain it is this:

(facing right)
L(hold), R, L + P/K.

The idea is to charge back, then push toward opponent, and back into charge position before you push the punch or kick. Once you do that, alternate with high/low LoVs. Easiest way (the way i’ve KIND of been doing it; i got nearly 3 sonic booms on the screen at least) is to do roundhouse LoV (to get into the “groove”), then jab LoV, and buffer another roundhouse LoV.

that’s if you’re standing. i hear you can actually have enough time to dash and throw an LoV, but i don’t know how. Just wanted to be a good samaritan and tell you waht i know.


abel, in the navy they tell you that “loose lips sink ships.”:eek:


lol. It’s not like someone else wouldn’t have eventually come around and told him the same. Besides, it’s about sharing the wealth, not being greedy bastards, that make the game fun. At least I didn’t tell 'em about the Dudley god code…oh shit…


whew… good thing you weren’t paying attention while we were doing those dashing charge moves. well when remy becomes top tier i know who to blame…


OOOOH geeze
i thought you have always to end with foward… for sonic boom… silly me
so you end the move with tapping back rite??


Well, think about this…

Slow game
High Framerate


late command inputs

that helps remy a lot


very true, because of that he can have multiple projectiles on one screen. which to me makes remy a bad ass character


thanks people I got buffering down… sorta

how do you people… dodge forward and back and then throw a SB?

also… I seen in the tourneys that people like ryo chin or the other guy tap down a lot…what does this do?

can you throw a sb or do a flash kick after?..


is there any way to combo remy’s multiple booms when you buffer and if so how many hits max?


They’ll combo, I’ve only gotten two ex lovs to hit in a row (total of four hits) but there might be a way to do more. Not sure when the combo occurs.


yes, u r correct. u can do a flash kick or sb after. as someone mentioned above, the sf3 command imput time is rediculously slow. this is probably to compensate for the high # of frames, the parry system, and possibly the dashes.

chrouching down repeatedly temporarily stores parts or portions of a"charge command" in the system. so if u charge for 1/2 a second, return to neutral, charge 1/2 sec neutral ( total secs is 1 now), then repeat this 2 more times (tallying a total of EXACTLY 2 secs) u can then, still perform your desired charge move!:eek:

now that the “perfect charge”( that means u charged the desired move for exactly 2 seconds) is stored in the system u dont have to go and execute that charge move right away. u can dash( back or foward), and immediately upon recovering from the dash, perform the last imput command of the charge move.

thats right, dashes store the “perfect charge”. this means u can dash INFINITELY (back,foward,back,foward,etc.) and still perform your desired charge move. the problem is, the dashes MUST BE cosecutive. if there is any delay in between dashes the system looses the “perfect charge” , and u must start over again.

ok, so how does one attain the “perfect charge”?since no human could possibly calculate exactly 2 seconds in their head we must depend on character animations to appoximate 2 seconds.

with remy u could perform a leap attack, charge down as it is being executed until he lands, perform another leap attack, charge down, and then when he lands , press u+k to perform a flash kick. see? the animations ( the 2 leap attacks)r being used as sort of a metronome to keep count for u.

another example w/ remy: standing strong, charge down, standing strong, charge down, standing strong, charge, and when he recovers from the last strong, u+K for a flash kick.

if u practice “storing charge” using different attacks, u will then get a “feel” of how to accumulate the “perfect charge” and u will no longer need to throw out moves to keep count for u. u can then start chrouching repeatedly, storing 1/4 of a sec or even less, and still be able to execute ur desired charge move, all w/o throwing out a single move. i once crouched 8 times(really fast) w/ alex and then performed an ex air stampede. also w/ remy, i can open up rounds w/ dash in ex flash kick.

PS- to prevent charge partitioning from being abused and corrupted, capcom said:" no, u must store 2 secs. no more no less." DAMB THIS GAME IS BALANCED!!

did i just waist my time? i think there’s a thread on dis shit!


u can also charge while u dash


Zar thanks for clearing that up, thats a big discovery u found out, your like the ONLY person online i read that from, your a really good player and i respect u, i apologize if i dont take u seriously sometimes in 3S but u still don’t take me serious since i only play with remy lol… eye for an eye…

u ass:D

keep playing