Buffest Sentinel?

SO who has the buffest sentinel now?

i do biotch. ownage.:confused:

I’m pretty sure my sentinel is the best after Ian’s.


**Guaky’s fo sho!!! JK.

But other than mine, Kuaneasy’s for stompage, Row’s for Combo exhibitions, Rat’s for normal jumping, and a tiebreaker between Cody’s, Evan’s and Duc Do’s for doing the Duc Do. And Berry’s for ownage:D **

Yeah its hard to say who’s is really the best, because not everyone plays him the same way. Team Seattle has plenty of really good sentinels though.

Mine. Easy.

** My Sentinel is pretty weird. I’m usually impressed by Cody’s Sentinel though. Shit is beastly.**

My Sent is the most random in NW. I’m working on hentai unblockable.

fo shizzle dizzle!

In P-town the Sentinel goes like this…

Stiltman (or Stiltmen as Samb likes to call him, when will my student ever learn?) - wow I didn’t know Sentinel could move that fast (backwards/TMNT):stuck_out_tongue:

LaosNinga - wow I didn’t know Sentinel could move that fast (fowards/rush down)

Brian J - unblockable

Jackson - Jackson?!

Brian B - wow I thought sentinel could fly … darn tron-bon

:lol: :lol: FatBear:lol: :lol:

EWWWW THATS A UGLY LIST, WHERE AM I SINCE IMMA THE UNBLOCKABLE MASTER, ONLY, i gurantee 1 unblockable w/ my sent or i pay for ur game

  2. BRIAN j

brian B has the most basic sent but it kills,

…ah ah

I was pondering ways to liven up the tournaments, and had thought about running a “Best Character” tournament alongside the regular one. But how would you really judge?

It’d either be a must-use Sentinel tourney, a first-Sent-dead loses tourney, or … a style tourney? I’m open here, and I was thinking about doing this anyways… :slight_smile:

samb have u ever came to a seattle tournament?

sup, yea i came to the last one , i did alrite. i mighte come to the next one and show off my unblockable skills

Uhh… no. Phongsack’s Sentinel is, at best, #4, behind Jackson, myself, and Brian J, in that order. (Yes, Brian belongs below me… when he beats me in tournaments it’s with Cable, not Sentinel.) Have you ever seen Phongsack’s attempts at Team Scrub? It’s not as ugly as my MSP but it’s not usually real pretty, either.

No offense, but this list just mystifies me. I mean, stop and think for a moment about who dominates in the Portland area, and why. What’s the common denominator between the three of us? If you want a “best Magneto” or “best Storm” discussion, okay, then you can start talking about people other than the top three players, because those chars aren’t why we dominate. (Although I think any of the three of us still warrants discussion in a “best Storm” discussion… as for Magneto, I’m obviously WAY out of the running. :smiley: ) Although it’s true that we do indeed have the three best Cables in town, you can’t really put that down as a common denominator either, because I’m not even playing Cable in tournament matches much these days. Obviously, you need to take away my BH, too, because neither of the other two play him either.

What’s left? What’s the single char that’s a common factor in why Jackson, Brian, and myself dominate the Portland area’s MvC2 scene?


End of discussion.

My Sent>>>>>>>all.

Flight mode, lk, fk, Rocket Punch. Advanced Sent strat right there.

On a good day, I might call in Commando AA for a whopping 4 hit combo. Too good.

Actually No…Its the beggining of a new discussion. Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion. So heres mine, If it came down to a 1 on 1 sentinel stomp fest you’d see nothing but the imprints of my metal timberlands on your forehead that you’d think sentinel was chunli. your nothing without anti-air, you know it, everyone else knows it. Like Soysauce said in a another thread. Flying around and pressing the win button is not tite…yeah yeah i know, If its in the game use it right???
GeekTinel’s cannot beat Gangstanels My CPU is faster than yours, u need a upgrade-oh wait u got that CMD (commando) processor thas right nevermind.
end of that discussion…See ya at the tourny

stilt has the best magneto ever
to good

Okay. Now let’s get past opinions and discuss actual facts and results, shall we?

You are primarily a Magneto player. You can get away with playing Storm/Sent teams (and sometimes I think you’d be better off with them in a lot of matchups, because you’re surprisingly good at runaway), but your Storm is the core of those teams; if your Storm just flat out lays an egg, you’re almost always done.

I have put around half a dozen win streaks on you with Sentinel-centric teams ranging between 10 and 29 in the last two to three months. (Typically either Team Scrub or, more often, BH/Sent/Commando.)

The last time we met I put two different such streaks on you in the same night, one with each of those teams. In the Team Scrub streak there was one particularly ignominous pair of games where in the first game, my Commando got snapped in, you killed both him and Cable with Magneto without hardly getting touched, then my Sentinel came back on your entire (nearly intact) team… followed by my Sentinel OCV’ing you in the very next game, only this time with the rest of my team alive. I don’t believe you have ever done either of those things to me with Sentinel. You’ve gotten OCV’s on me with Magneto before, yeah… but Sentinel? Never.

When we play matchups where you try to break out Team Scrub either against mine or against BH/Sent/Commando, the results are practically always in my favor. I think you’ve won approximately one or two of those games against me in your lifetime.

Is your Sentinel flashier than mine? Well, duh. If we’re going on flash, I’d probably be no higher than fourth on the list myself, and yeah, you’d probably be #1 on that list. But I’m talking about winning here, and on that scale, Jackson and I are pretty easily the two top Sentinels in town. Brian J’s is just as easily #3… he’s good but he doesn’t fend off the rush nearly as well as either Jackson or myself nor does he usually do as well in patience fights with Sentinel; head to head my money would be on either Jackson or myself against Brian in a Sentinel duel. Cable fight, different story… Brian probably has the best Cable in town. But Sentinel fight? Brian’s south of both Jackson and myself there. However, he still dominates everyone else in whole or in part because of his Sentinel, so I can’t in good faith put him below anybody other than Jackson or me.

Take the three of us out, and you’re the best of the rest almost by default. The only other person besides you in town who puts much effort into Sentinel at all is samB. But your Sentinel suffers from a simple problem: you have next to no experience playing teams where he’s the focal point of the game plan. On your main teams, he’s an afterthought third char behind Magneto and Cable, and in fact he’s downright interchangeable with Doom on those teams – i.e. he’s primarily an assist char and on point he’s an afterthought with a lot of training mode time behind him.

You’ve more recently started playing stuff like Storm/Sent/AAA and Mag/IM/Sentinel, where Sentinel is forced to take a more important role… and your success with those teams has generally been considerably south of your Mag/Cable/Sent performance. And again, don’t even get me started on your Team Scrub efforts, where Sentinel not only has a greater role, but he has to start the game, perform a specific job, and then leave specific resources and situations available to Cable after he’s done. You play Team Scrub like you’re not even quite sure what Sentinel’s actually supposed to do on that team, or how he’s supposed to do it without burning all of Cable’s meter in the process.

Conversely, Jackson, Brian, and myself have been playing Sentinel-centric teams for the bulk of the game’s existence. Experience matters a lot in this game. Hell, you wonder why I’ve forgotten more about Sent/BH than basically anybody else on the planet has ever known? Because I’m the only guy on the planet who’s stayed with that team, off and on, since the summer of 2000. It’s more or less the same with Sentinel in general… we’ve been using him as a core part of our game plans for years. You haven’t at all, except for the occasional one-off casual game where you usually lose or a backup team that you rarely stay with for very long. And that’s simply why our Sentinels are better than yours.

Want to prove me wrong? Start practicing up and thinking about what Sentinel has to do differently when he’s in the front instead of in the back. I rate Jackson and myself as the two best Sentinels in town because we’re the two greatest threats to OCV someone with him. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen you OCV anyone with the lugnut. Wanna change my mind? Change the results. I’m just calling it like I see it. Look around. I’m better than you at this game. You’ve never taken a tournament match from me in your life. When someone like me gives you serious advice, don’t take offense, take notes. Hell, I’ve picked Kuan’s brains about Sentinel for much the same reason. And I’ve listened to what he has to say, because I’m wise enough to know when to talk, when to ask, and when to listen to somebody who owns me for pocket change.

Only on the Opposite Sketches on “You Can’t Do That On Television.”

Damn, I’m dating myself by actually remembering that show. There are people on this board who weren’t even freaking born when that show was around. Ancient fart, right here. :lame: