Buffest Sentinel?

see you at the tourny

dude i’m taking careful notes here

when exactly do you call out commando in that combo? after the roundhouse?

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa my sentinel is ugly

good thing i can use the broken buttons as an excuse

sentinel is tight, but talking about who has the best sentinel in portland is pretty fuckin nasty. sorry, but it is. and my sent/commando sucks. k thx.

Okay. Here’s my challenge for putting your Sentinel through the gauntlet at the tourney. Play a Sentinel-centric team for every match. Not just me if you should happen to run into me, everybody. Something like Sent/Cable/Commando or the like. Start Sentinel every game. See how well you do in the tournament when your Sentinel has to perform and doesn’t have Magneto, Cable, and/or Storm in front of him, and he’s got a specific mission he has to accomplish in order for the team to do well.

We know what happens when I play a Sentinel-centric team in a Portland tourney. I’m usually fairly even money to make the grand finals. We already know that. If you think your Sentinel is the shiznit and mine isn’t, let’s see you do the same thing.

But if you can even get back to the 3rd place you got last time without going away from that, I’ll be shocked. (I’ll forgive you for just getting 4th if Jackson, Brian and myself are all there.)

wow! Novel city!

Well, usually ya wanna call him when you do lk. But like, then the angle might get funky. This is all really complicated stuff, obviously. Like, not even fuckin Kuan can do this shit yet. I’ve been practicing it for YEARS, and I can get it maybe 30% of the time!!!

Man, once I get this shit down, time to practice that Rocket Punch XXX HSF shit. Then I’ll be YEARS ahead of everybody else!!!:evil: :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Wow, this post is gay.


How about this challenge…How about we have a 1v1 sentinel match without any helpers…or how about this??..how about we get some boxing gloves and have a real match??..thas what i thought little btch…keep talkin sht and im gonna bann you from this tourny.

Holy fuck. Drama city.

wowzors drama in portland.

Um… shit talk? What shit talk? I was making a serious suggestion. If you honestly think your Sentinel’s the best in town, play a Sentinel-centric team and prove it on Sunday. It’s not an unreasonable measuring stick. If you don’t want to play something like Team Scrub and take Magneto away from the lugnut, do something like Team Fiend in Sent/Mag/IM order or the like, where your Sentinel is still on the hook to get things started rather than bringing up the rear. If you’ve really got the best Sentinel in town, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Should it? :confused:

(I won’t go into your, um… suggestions, other than to say that I’m rather disappointed that you even went there. :bluu: )

stiltman is like 9 feet tall… he could prolly knee someone in the face. beastly.

first of all, who the hell do you think you are that you can talk to me like a badass and not expect me to respond back the way i did?, 2nd if im gonna take notes, im not gonna take it from you. With your choice of words that clearly states you are my enemy, and Im not gonna take notes from you. 3rd dont think you can talk to me like im a little b*tch cuzz i will get ignorant even if i know better…poof!

** I remember that show. Used to come on Nickelodeon. That and that Pinwheel show used to be my fave shows back when I was hella young.**

Plus Alanis Morissette was from You Can’t Do That on Television, so some people have at least heard of the show from that connection. I found an old episode on a video tape a couple months ago, so if anybody wants to borrow it for nostalgic value, y’all can go right ahead.

Screw Sent. The buffest mech in the game is Tron Bonne. +40 damage points in a combo == goodness. Plus she laughs after she assists, and can breakdance. Sent is just dorky-looking. :slight_smile:

Frankly, I’m most afraid of Trinh and Up’s stompdown. Most everyone else around here tends to leave holes which I’m slowly learning how to take advantage of.

But… Harry Potter’s Sent combos were great, but I think Drew Dub’s Sent was more solid between those two. How do you judge this? Does unblockable hitting count? Cuz that right there can nastily change the game quickly.

Yea I think that Harry potter’s sent is really good, he’s def got the combos and unblockables down cold.

My sent beat his twice!!! WOOOOOOO. Storm comeback owns me…

WOW, whats with all this shi talkin after me saying my little list,
imma make a buffest storm or cable thread, stomrs the only beastly char i got.
my cable. avg/HVB
my mag. avg/crazy
my sent avg/unblockables
my storm ahhh beast

man this coming touney has/had alot of shittaliking. imma use the best team in the game servebot/???/doom.

and tron is tha best but basic mech in the game, the tite thing bout that biTCHS assist, “AH HA HA HA” an the damage

ALL of this 4 SENTINAL damn. okay “throws 2 pennies” stilt i think you r feeling yourself and your skills a little 2 much. When ever a marvel conver sation would come up last time we went up 2 seattle, first words that would come is " me and jackson ". i respect your skills in marvel over all but u don’t “and i repeat you” have a better sentinal then ninja. overall i saw you guys run about even and you both have specital’s. All in All its just Sentinal.:rolleyes:

Oh, the drama…