Buffet of Buffets deal going on in Las Vegas?

Hey I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post links like this in here but I heard about a deal going on in Vegas where you can eat at hella buffets for 24 hours with some pass or something. Thought SRK people’d be interested since like three thousand of us are going there in a couple weeks.

7 Buffets. All Day. Starting from $34.99.*
Buffet of Buffets FAQ’s

$39.99 for non total rewards members.

Not sure if that’s worth it. Rio’s buffet is pretty good, but the others are meh.

I don’t think that I could go to that many buffets, but I definitely want to try out the Sahara’s Big Bad Ass Burrito Challenge.

My mouth is drooling like Homer Simpson.

that is one hell of a name for anything in Las Vegas. you’ll probably get gang-trained by a whole team of strong latino gay men if you show up.

Mooshie is right, it’s probably not that good of a deal… I forgot they bumped it to $40. Still though, food in Vegas is pretty expensive and the buffets are nice, if you plan on going 2+ buffets in one day (like early lunch + dinner or something) then it’s totally worth it.

Rio’s buffet is pretty dope IMO.

Remember guys, the stuff anywhere near the casino is gonna be expensive. If you can find like an applebees or something on the strip, thats not in a casino, it’ll be average priced. Otherwise I would suggest going off strip for food, if you can.

Just go to Wynn Buffet guyzzz… that is all the buffet you will need.

For reference, Caesar’s buffet is
Breakfast $17.95 plus tax
Lunch $19.95 plus tax
Dinner $26.95 plus tax

This will save you money if you eat at least twice in 24 hours. Or you can not eat until you’re full and just have a little of the buffet at all the hotels. Personally, I might do this on Thursday when the Rio line isn’t too long.

Do you have to be staying at the hotel to have their buffet, or can you just walk into any hotel and give their buffet a try?

You can walk to any of the Harrah’s hotels and eat at their buffet. It’s listed in the FAQ which ones belong to them.

if you’re using the Harrahs deal, then you have to go to the ones listed. But if you’re not you can just walk into any casino and go to the buffet, it doesn’t matter. I think you get a discount for being a guest at the hotel but its really not that much of one.

If you can walk about a mile or so (or get a cab or whatever), there’s In-N-Out. Totally going to get that at least once.

Anyone who knows Vegas can you give us tips on where to eat at reasonable prices? Paying $20 per meal in the hotels is bullshit.

Ok tips on food I know this bc I wrk at the Harrahs as a chef.
Cheap food; if ur looking for 20 or less ur best bet is to buy from the McDonald and the food courts.

Buffets; that a really good price for the all day I suggest u buy the all day pass like around 12-6. Y is this u ask?? It bc u can eat the other day. The pass end on the time u purchase them. So that being said u can have breakfeast the next morning and then have lunch b4 ur time is up.

In n out; that’s too far to walk in 110 degree weather if u walk ur just stupid and if u get a taxi u might as well the buffet style. If u drive then it ok.

I think the flamingo hotel still has the $1 burgers after 11pm so if u want walk over there that’s worth it. All n all the average money for food will be average 15-20 buck the whole day

There is only ONE buffet to go to and that’s Wynn. It’s expensive ($45) but man it’s SOOO worth it. If you want to try the best, it’s Wynn.

Personally I hate buffets though. haha

Hooters has $.25 wings after midnight till 5am but that place is usually packed as fuck.

Lunch at food court in Venetian.

Regular mall prices + $1 per dish usually.

Yeah walking is totally lame in the middle of summer in Vegas, I highly don’t recommend it unless you’re one of those ultra-marathon peeps or just really poor. With that said, the Tuscany Casino is less than a mile walk from Caesar’s palace going east on Flamingo after Koval but before Paradise. It has awesome $5 Monster Burger (actual name) deal at the cafe that goes on all day last I checked. Plus the prices aren’t ridiculous rape for being a casino seeing as its not directly on the strip Tuscany Hotel & Casino

Dan Marino’s bar has 25 cent hooters wings after midnight!!! I lived there last year.