Buffs / Nerfs wath do you think would improfe the balance for our Russian Friend?

Running bear grab faster.
Ultra damage nerfed.
Super range same range as ultra.
Better st. mk.
Slightly nerf st. mp damage, but hopefully st. mk compensates.
Cr.lk leave alone. That needs to be a risk for Gief to take (I believe 1 frame less of block advantage than cr.lp, so shotos CAN srk out of a cr.lk block string)
Better dash (faster).
Better back dash (better invincibility. Range = same).
Leave focus attack alone. You’re not supposed to use it. You’re supposed to use focus absorb.

Dash faster ?
Guys, it is fast already but it has especially short recovery making dash to LP SPD very reliable.
As a Fei-Long player, I’d prefer a hundred times Gief dash to Fei’s

Or do I miss something ?

I think EX SPD having 4 frames of start up is fine. We’re talking about the SPD that puts you right next to the opponent if it connects. Crazy Capcom. :lol:

As far as tournaments ago I’m officially using Sagat as a secondary to counter this otherwise ridiculous character. 1200 health character making mistakes all day and spamming lariat at everything and still coming out with the W. Get out. :lol:

It just goes to show that this is definitely one of the stronger versions of Gief that’s ever been released. Although people (including myself) will whine about some of the crazier stuff he has it is refreshing to see a grappler as a strong contender in a SF game and not just a character to “try something different” with like grapplers usually are.

And I think some of us Gief players die a little bit inside when a Gief wins JUST because he’s Gief. You sit there and learn what you can to play him with skill, yet your existence is completrly nullified by someone else who gets away with winning with less skill…simply because he’s Gief :sad:

I agree, I love that Gief is as strong as he is, which is why I’m of the school of thought he needs his abilities ‘spread around’…it will make him more skillful but still devestating. I’d hate to lose the AA beauty of the lariat, but if its compensated by am ove that requires slightly better timing but can still stop jump-ins…I’m happy, I’ll gladly relearn it. Just don’t destroy Gief Capcom. Don’t change the range/speed of EXGH, and don’t change the range of jab SPD (I’m oh kai with dmg redux on this move actually…I think of it as a setup more more than a dmg one)

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at high level gief never wins just because he is gief. he has to work against all the top tiers and doesnt have an easy time in tournaments. What gief excells at is being a Scrubbuster as he distroys anyone that doesnt want to learn the matchup. think about how many times have you been playing someone who complains about gief and choses to pick him to show you how easy he is a you just beat them to death. Gief requires a lot of skill to play against good people so i say no nerf is needed.

Yeah he doesn’t need to get nerfed, he just needs to get a little smarter and a little less defensive. I don’t really want any big changes, although from those SSF4 rumors it sounds like they’re planning to really switch things up.

Yeah Id like him to be a bit more skilled at lower levels without getting nerfed…with the only 'buff’s being more match-up specific type buffs (Sagat/Seth). Hence my AA changes…shrug

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You’re right. hahahah :rofl:

Just threw it in there ya know?? Loved the HD air throw he has. That’s all. But yeah, You’re right he’ll be broken then and tooo overpowered. But seriously . . . serious thing???

The bear grab. Do you see how fast that SHIT is in HDR??? Like holy shit where’d that come from move?? lolz. I’d like his BG to be faster, not exactly as fast at HDR but faster if ya know what I mean. Then it’ll be useful. I don’t even think about using BG in any matches cuz it’s too slow for me and never really have the train of thought to use it.

i bet my money that zangief is going to get nerfed in super street fighter 4, apparently the character tweaking is based partially on fan feedback, and the way I see it LOADS of people (online, youtube, hatemail on XBL, even some people on this forum), whine about him and say how overpowered he is, simply because they suck and dont know what to do.

I’ll be pretty mad if they do nerf him.

dude, in certain match ups, he’s the obvious dominant character. if you’re floored and he’s standing right next to you, and you don’t have a sure-fire method of escape or retaliation, you WILL take massive damage be it lariat or spd. it’s like they made lariat so damn good just because they knew a bunch of nostalgic scrubs would flock back to SF4 so they wanted to make a move that was incredibly mash friendly.

I shouldn’t have to blind-pick whether to crouch, or jump, or do something otherwise that puts me at the same exact risk level.

If they do nerf him I dont think it will be that big of a nerf. I mean really, Zangeif has always been a close up threat. The inputs are easier now so that means more people using Zangief that were in the past. In addition to the ultra crazy Lairat now…

The Lairat sadly is the only thing I see on him that could be nerfed. Even his green hand used to be better than it is now. His damage? I don’t think it should be nerfed at all. Its about as equal as it always has…alpha 3 Xism was REDICULOUS damage. Even Aism was pretty bad too. Being super strong is Gief’s thing and I dont think they will ever change that.

Popularity of the game just leads to more people complaning. Before SF4 came out SF was becoming a complete non casual game, you either played hardcore or you didn’t at all.

Now that its casual. People don’t know what to do and they get rocked. I play my Gief almost identitcal that I did in CVS2 (except no RBG setups) and I didnt whomp on people in that half as much as I do in SF4. Mainly because the players aren’t as hardcore.

WTF is up with RBG anyways, it has always been fast. Why would they slow it down? They need to bring that junk back. RBG was my junk! Its not “Where did it come from?” Its “where did it go?”

Thats just my opinion.

Some stuff I would like :

  • Lariat Changes. I would make it so you can always sweep the lariat with any character. I wouldn’t make it hit so low. To compensate, it would move a bit faster. You could be able to use it to close in on fireball characters.
  • If the normal green hand could knockdown some attacks or be generally safer to use, it would be nice.
  • It would be nice if the close sweep came out faster. I would use it on certain matchup if I didn’t fear to get it blocked.
  • I would make c.mp come out faster or I would make the hitbox a little bigger. I feel that it comes out too slow to be useful (vs using the lariat instead).
  • I don’t know if making the RBG come out faster would be a good thing, but I would personally make it immune to throws. I would leave it with the same slow startup if that was the case.

This is what I want for zangief in SSFIV:

Ultra #2 = super armor.

It would be a 1-hit super armor similar to regular zangief in mvc2. It would last for only 15 seconds and zangief would have ever-so-slightly increased walk speed. But zangief cannot block. This is all I want. This is a buff and nerf at the same time (mostly a buff if you know what the hell you are doing).

Zangief won’t need straight-up nerfs cuz it sounds like every other character will be getting buffs to handle gief.

IMO the only reason Gief is so scary to people is because most of the characters in SF4 wre ‘incomplete’. Like Ivy in the original SoulCalibur, she had some tricks, but she wasn’t ‘complete’ yet. Sagat/Sim/Akuma/Ryu are IMO the only ‘complete’ characters, its less that they should be nerfed and mroe everyone else needs additional tools to keep up.

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He should have a wall jump like Fuerte and Seth, that would be fucking awesome. He should also be able to air lariat and fly around like the shotos and tatsu.

i totally agree with u on this. i do hope you’re wrong but like u said, tons of scrubs bitch about gief simply because they just lack the skill to beat him. i’m thinking his damage will get toned down and maybe some moves will get tweaked(in a bad way). personally i think gief is one of the characters that really doesn’t need much tweaking at all. if u just fix some of the characters like sagat and ryu for example then it’d all be good. more sagat than anyone else though for me at least.

I see and agree with what you’re saying, but imho you should replace Sim with Boxer. Sim has bigger issues (not saying he shouldn’t have weaknesses that he’s always had) and is ultimately almost certainly worse than Boxer overall, who is pretty damn solid in this game.

Also I’m tempted to suggest that Zangief’s lvl1 FA be made safe on hit if not block… except he gets pretty damn good rewards for an FA crumple if he dashes forward. Then again, so do Ryu, Sagat and Akuma’s, and theirs are totally safe on hit (iirc, Zangief can SPD Sagat’s lvl1 FA on block). If it is made safer, then perhaps the damage that comes straight from his FA should be nerfed, since without considering combos (lol), Zangief’s FA is one of the most damaging).

Edit: I’d be fine with Zangief having this instead: [media=youtube]yK1lVGhVolU[/media]

man I might have to agree with you on that. You know that would suck if he get that move nerfed. I reaaaaallly don’t think he needs nerfing. He’s perfect the way he is.

Yeah, the RBG . . . wtf did happen??? I think they did that to balance him out?? Just imagine him having the same speed as HDR?? OMG he’ll definitely overpowered IMO. So yeah, i THINK they slowed it down and changed the way his GH works . . .

yeah i have a hard time with a lot of shotos (Akuma/RYu/Ken/Sagat). Mainly Akumas and Sagats with Ryu being third. Good sagats kick my butt, but someone at my level I give them an extremely hard matches. But yeah, too many people complain like S#!T about Gief cuz they don’t know how to go up against him, specially a really good Gief.

When I complain about runaways and who plays like a chicken-shit I get flammed at. lolz. I lose to scrubby shotos cuz they just spam and spam and spam. Geee . . . what about nerfing those fireballs??? Feeling me there?? So yeah, i’m not complaining about it anymore, but rather learning the curves and taking a loss like a real SF player should.

i think capcom isent stupid!! they know how to talk with the community AND with the PRO’s so i dont feer nerfs becouse of scrubs…

just something wath be realy awsome give zangiefs KKK a low hitbox and invulnerability to sweaps :wink: like he make the russian dance with his leggs instead using his arms LOL^^

beside that i realy hope they balance Zangief vs Seth to fairness…

I usually have boxer on that list, just forgot him while typing. As well, Dhalsim is an extremely well rounded fighter with moves for almost all situations and setups. He suffers when folks ‘get in’, but that should be the case at someone who is so good at keeping people out. Part of the whole ‘ugh Sagat’ thing is that he’s so good at keeping people out, but even when you finally work your way in, he’s mid-to-top teir at pushing your ass right back out/gettin away.

Butyeah, thats my stance on the whole issue, haracters don’t have certain tools, and it creates an imbalance between thehaves and have nots, more so than the haves having too much. The only character who really is in a bad sitatuion IS Gief. He loses to (or draws in the Ryu case) the whole top tier. Clean…then just about destroys everyone else. Trying to balance that out will be a nightmare, to lower his dominance on the others while giving him advantagesto catch up on the top…you’d have to hange so much…it wouldn’ even be Gief anymore.

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