Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight (comic)

So, I’m not the biggest Buffy fan, but my wife is a fanatic. She’s not goth or anything, but she loves the Buffyverse, so I turned her onto this comic when it first started coming out. I’ve seen a good share of episodes and I like the show, so I started reading it, too, and its been pretty good so far. I know there are a few more fans out there, so let’s discuss.

The latest issue (#12) was pretty crazy. So many things going on in this issue.


  • Buffy and Satsu? Wow.
  • “Can you read my mind” had me laughing
  • Super vampires
  • Dracula[/details]


My bro told me about it, but I haven’t checked it out yet.
I will try to sometime this week.

Series is dope! The latest issue, wow just… WOW!



Buffy had a lesbo experience with Satsu! DAAAAAYUUUUUUMN!!! :lovin:

Buffy Season 8 > Buffy Season 7. :tup:

There’s almost nothing about this series I don’t love.

Also: Fray will be appearing for an arc starting issue 16.
ALSO x2: the original Fray artist, Karl Moline, will be drawing the arc.:woot::lovin:

Fray? Get out of here. That was a great series. :smile:

Big Whedon interview. He talks about the last issue. Massive spoilers ahead. Whoa I didn’t know the last issue actually made the news lol!



I’ve been keeping up with this series too.

I can’t say enough good things about it.

Just finished reading up to Chap 12
Great stuff.

IMO, not as good as Season 7, but it was great.
It really feels like "Buffy"
I do really miss the music that is SO right with the show though.

My favorite seasons were 6, 7, 5, in that order.

Some of the issues/episodes were a bit random, but all Buffy seasons have a random episode or two.

I was so pumped when FAITH came out! WOOT!

too bad they killed tara

buffy and tara would be hot together!!

Blame the actress for not re-upping or whatever the issue was.
They originally planned to bring her back in season 7.

But she’d never leave Willow, so Buffy would have to get with Faith. :woot:

i think that issue was after she was dead, she refused to appear in an episode where all the characters were seeing dead people because she didn’t like how her character was being portrayed in the episode

there was a big outrage at the time (when she died) because they killed a lesbian on tv or whatever, but whedon said he would of killed whoever willow was seeing at the time to push willow to where they wanted her, so i don’t think it had anything to do with Amber Benson (she occasionally writes comic books too for the buffyverse)

they brought her back in one of the comic books, i think it was the 3rd or 4th one i forget. it was one of the earlier ones though in volume 1 cause i bought the book and that only covers issues 1-5


I cheered out loud when Willow said that Kennedy was dead.

I know her character was killed for story purposes, I meant that she wasn’t resurrected because of some as-of-yet-still undisclosed reasons.

Which basically translates into “money” or “creative differences” (as you mentioned.)
I remember Joss mentioned it in an interview back in the day.
He then went on to give a quick summary of how he was going to go about bringing her back.

yeah, but…

[details=Spoiler]Willow is PISSED about it. The fallout from this is gonna be very interesting indeed.

LOL at Xander’s face when he realized he had to see Dracula. That ep was hilarious![/details]

Glad to see Fray is gonna make an apperance, that series was pretty good.

I was listening to the music from Buffy last night, and some of the tracks are AMAZING.

Music from season finale of Season 5 (The Gift) and Season 7 (Chosen)

You guys should check it out.

Re: Last ish - LOL at giant Dawn vs. Mecha Dawn in Tokyo! :rofl:

The Xander and Dracula friendship is TOO FUNNY! :rofl:

Love this series! :tup:

Yeah, last issue was really good. I loved Andrew’s “I’ve been preparing for this moment for my entire life!”

That was soooo funny! :rofl:

Looking forward to Fray showing up! :tup:

It will be a glorious day.:lovin::rock: