Bug? Cammy's f.Hk beats Chun's Reverse Air Flip Kick...?



Cammy’s f.Hk beats Chun’s Reverse Air Flip Kick

Is this intentional or a bug? Cuz this looks really stupid. I’ve posted this on the steam forums for bug reports, Idk where else I can post this. Feel free to submit this to Capcom if you know how to contact them.


I think the more important question should be, why did you even bother trying that? If f.RH beat it autocorrect DP definitely would’ve


Does this happen outside of the corner? Kind of stupid, but things like this aren’t too rare.

Unless the hurtbox of Df+hk and/or the hit box of Cammy’s double knee are experiencing inaccurate representation (i.e. Are larger or smaller than they are in other situations), however, it is not a bug, but simply a latent quirk.

To answer the poster above me, Df+Hk can be situationally useful because of its surprise factor and massive safety on block. He was plus after the st mp, so it wasn’t the worst option in the world. It beats techs if done after an AA st lk or b+hk (a favorite maneuver of mine), so maybe that was the goal in this grounded situation. Not sure if he was + enough for the move to hit Cammy in recovery were she to tech.


If putting yourself in the corner and risking getting dp’d with a sliver of health with a move that is so easy to see isn’t the worst option in the world I must be playing this game completely wrong. I probably woulda just shimmied but what do I know. You’re only +3 after the st.mp and you aren’t airborne till the 10th frame of df.rh, that’s a 7 frame gap, Cammy can do almost anything with that big a gap. Explain how this a good setup.


I don’t see how this is relevant to fix. This situation never happens unless you and the opponent are just spamming random moves lol


Ok, cool, the setup was bad. That isn’t what this thread is about.


This. facepalms I try reporting a possible bug and i get critiqued about my gameplay. People on this forum just get so sidetracked and try to bash eachother so much idk why i even bother visiting anymore.


I dont think it’s a bug, It’s just the way the hitboxes are, apparently cammy’s knee hitbox goes a bit above her head and since chun’s leg hurt box is just over her head as the knee was comming out it hit. It’s a very odd situation that’s for sure and probably wont happen much as the timing for such a thing would be very difficult to replicate.

And btw. in reference to your game play, not expecting the mp to hit you went for that, imo it’s not a bad option if you haven’t tried it all game and the opponent isnt expecting it, plus you had 2 bars so you could have contiuned your pressure with buttons and an ex fireball or you could have frame trapped with instant air legs, or gone for a throw. It’s all subjective dont worry about it and just keep pressing on.


I didn’t really mean to be a dick. Just trying to promote good play In the end isn’t the reason we’re on this forum is to help each other get better at the game?