Bug/Glitch or wrong input? Senpusha


I tried looking for something on this but couldn’t find anything. When linking cr.mp xx M or H Senpusha, I sometimes get a Kasatushi. I’m not sure if I’m inputting it too fast, too slow etc. but it happens on both my stick and pad.

When you do this try it at least 10 times or more, since it happens randomly.


EDIT: When I noticed this I was doing j.mk> cr.mk > L Fuhajin (stored) > cr.mp xx H Senpusha.

It was the crouching medium punch. You were doing the punch and qcb before releasing then releasing. It was giving you a negative input.

^^ what he said. You can fix it by releasing the punch button quicker… Or you could fix it by not releasing MP when canceling into the Pinwheel. The former is much better as it will improve your execution probably.

Thanks, I’m fairly new to sf and fighting games in general.

There are ways to input a command for a special attack. The first is the movement + attack button. This is the most common and the better way to do a MAJORITY of things. Not saying there isnt a use for the other way…but…this is the 99% of the time best way to input.

The second way is called Negative Edge. This is when you hold the attack buton down, do the movement, and release the button.

So what you did was j.mk, c.mk xx release, c.mp, qcb + release mp, hk.

The game reads th as c.mp xx kasatushi…

I’m basically repeating what others have said but I wanted to go into it a bit deeper in case you were wondering WHY this happened or if you were unfamilliar with Negative edge.

does negative edge work with a positive input at the same time? I’ve tried and could not get it to work. Example looking for ex pinwheel:
QCB release lk press mk at same time

I think it works (i.e. you can do it with Juri with her fireball store into Ultra 2), though in the case of ex pinwheel, why not just hit the buttons together or use KKK button, or the other two buttons?

In case you have 2 fireballs stored and want to EX pinwheel?

You can’t ex pinwheel if you have two fireballs stored. Unless I’ve gone crazy anyway. If you have all 3 fireballs stored for example, and you hit the KKK button, nothing comes out. If you tried to do ex pinwheel or ex fireball with two fireballs already stored, a regular pinwheel or fireball store would occur.

I’m not sure if mixing negative edge and non-negative for EX works. But you could always release two buttons to get a negative edge (either scrap the two fireball stores for the negative edge, or hold down the third kick button then release two buttons simultaneously). But I think that’s awkward enough to not be worth it :stuck_out_tongue:

doesnt work. If your holding two fireballs, why are you trying to use ex? ALso, if your holding one fireball, and you wanna ex sempusha, use other buttons.